1. 111

    Sudden action on CCI late this afternoon.

    1.4c taken out.

    then 1.5c 4m odd

    then stack 1.5c with 5m bids.

    now whats UP DOC

  2. 685

    Barrios Have a look at the beautifull volume divergence on this stock somebody has been accumulating for the last 2 months on the parabolic downtrend have not been following it but based on the chart I would not be surpised if it carries on from here

  3. 111

    I doubt someones been accumulating......

    Everyone interested is in PAUSE mode waiting for the company follow thru.

    Todays action was unexpected and rather BOLD.

    I have my suspicons as to the motive.

    We ALL await the BEE partner.

  4. 685

    The top chart represents The Bostion Intraday Intensity Index which remained positive through the entire downtrend represents buying on lows the black line is the 50 day average The second chart shows OBV which increased in value you can not get a much better volume divergence than this . believe me somebody has this stock in their sights for a long time before the breakout Barrios

  5. 111

    Yes i know a certain Borker has been accumulating.

    Anyway......... enuf of that.

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