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    Can this be TRUE?????????????? it looks like the mountain of copper they have stock piled up to the sky is not going to work as well in the plant as the hoped it would, it looks like the weather has had I small effect on the copper.

  2. 7.5k

    how do you know that?

  3. 6.1k

    They have some very UNHAPPY people in that SMALL town, people talk, but the QUESTION IS, is it TRUE, only time will tell us the answer.

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    Years ago this was looking like being a good mine. My My how its turned out. RXM has done the same thing, both deposit where found at the same time.

    Hopefully the people get happy in the small town, no point being sad. Could be worst there could never have been a mine and its flow on effects

  5. 6.1k

    ""its flow on effects"" have had a very big effects on some of the company's that took shares when they could not get money for work done, how would you feel to get shares for work done only to find they have lost a big% when you was able to unload them.

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    Yer, right there. Wayne had a habit of issuing shares to contructors for work, because there was little money in the accounts. Geez he was a good salesman. Poor people. They could have sold the shares though, to cover there costs, left the profit in there?

  7. 19.0k

    WM and son sailed off into the sunset with a bag of loot and the rest suffer ..WM stated we needed no PSF or DFS and hence project now looks a dud

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    Had they done a PFS/DFS at the start this would have NEVER got of the ground, just go's to show how easy it is to suck the punters in if you have a good team behind you.

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    agree mine is a low grade average play needs $4 a pound copper to work.. WM just BS a long way.. really should be investigated.

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    ""(Years ago this was looking like being a good mine. )""

    That was many many years ago when the rosed coloured glasses and the blinkers were handed out for free from the rampers and CDU, thus serving their real purpose. Now the supply of those free items has ended and people are starting to see the real light of it all. Shock horror!!!!!

    Now, I wonder if T4P is still employed in there. Just asking. He was for sure a man of many talents, one of them been able to sell sands to the Arabs living in the middle of the Sahara Desert.

    How can these people be able to go to bed at night, curl up, and go to sleep, that really never ceases to amaze me.


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    ''(could never have been a mine and its flow on effects)""

    To have a flow on effect, the mine will have to start making some profits, and that, IMHO, is a long way away from doing so. Hence why they are looking at M&A's. If the mine was profitable and full of Cu like we were made to believe, they wouldn't go and look for some M&A's, rest assured of that.

    That alone will tell you that the endless supply of copper which we were to believe is not there and that they will end up with a processing plant worth hundreds of million of dollars sitting there idle. Hence why they are looking at something else to keep it going.

    Most importantly though, where is the money coming from to do that.???

    The way I can see it, is that the Chinese will eventually own the whole lock stock and barrel of this while the poor remaining investors will be left sucking on the dry end of an icy pole.

    And more than likely, you will see that the Chinese will be willing to buy more shares at a premium of the current sp too, for all that it is worth and if they cared. If you haven't worked that one out as yet, I really don't know what to say anymore.

    There is a real method in someone's madness here (The Chinese are very good at that), and it will unfold at some stage or another.

    Dear of me....SHOCK HORROR....

  12. 6.1k

    ###Now, I wonder if T4P is still employed in there. Just asking. He was for sure a man of many talents### Yes many years ago he was a full bottle on Oil/Gas, he was giving advice to GDN on just the right spot to drill and find Oil, he made up a charts, and a CD, and sent to them with all the info about Oil/Gas, then BINGO!!! then he's a full bottle on Copper, he SURE is a man of many talents, Hot Whoppers should have hired him to help them out with the DOG they have created.

  13. 4.0k

    ""(Had they done a PFS/DFS at the start this would have NEVER got of the ground, just go's to show how easy it is to suck the punters in if you have a good team behind you.)""

    Could you tell me as to why two of the best geologist in Australia left the scene not long after they were employed by WM and even left their free options behind (plus all other entitlements as well), without claiming them if things were as good as we were made to believe.??

    Are you honestly of the beliefs there would be any Geologists in the whole wide World walking away from a mine if that mine was of a "World Class Quality Mine" where their names would appears in the records in the World thus cementing their future careers and future demands.?

    That was when I started opening my eyes and waking up to this hype.

  14. 6.1k

    Could you tell me why the two best Geos left??, I was told some time back, now I don't know if this is true or not, but they was NOT happy about the fact that the company was drilling hole after hole in to the same spot once they found a small amount of Copper, like I said I don't know if it's true.

  15. 7.5k

    I heard the same thing. Really sad

  16. 19.0k

    BRE-X: Inside The $6 Billion Gold Fraud That Shocked The Mining Industry
    SAM RO
    JUL 1, 2012, 7:22 PM

    Michael de Guzman
    Photo: MasterMinds

    In 1993, a prospector named Michael de Guzman walked out of the jungles of Borneo with extraordinary news: he found gold.This is according to MasterMinds, a Canadian true crime documentary television series produced by truTV.
    For the next three years, de Guzman produced thousands of core samples riddled with gold. Canada’s CBC News has a detailed timeline of the events.

    During that period, the market value of de Guzman’s employer, Bre-X Minerals, went from nothing to $6 billion. BusinessWeek notes that Wall Street’s top analysts were extremely bullish on the stock. Big funds poured money into the stock and the world’s major miners wrestled for a piece of the action.

    The problem: there was no gold.

    As the story unravelled, records mysteriously burned and people unexpectedly died. Questions were left unanswered.

    There are plenty of people who wish this story would just go away. But just a few days ago, a lawyer representing one of the players in the Bre-X story was disbarred.

    What follows is a summary of MasterMinds’ telling of the incredible story.

    Click Here For The Bre-X Story >

    NOTE: The images and the details in this feature are from MasterMinds. Many of the images are from reenactments of the events.

    Michael de Guzman,a Filipino geologist, was struggling to get recognition from his employer. So, he devised a plan to get rich

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  17. 4.0k

    ""(Could you tell me why the two best Geos left??, )""

    Just think about it and then tell me.

    Perhaps they came to realise that it was just a big hype with nothing of the kind we were made to believe, and left gthe scene before their names were going to be dragged into the mud.

    If there were any arguments between them in what they wanted to do and what they were made to do, that I don't know. But the point remain that that action by them was ringing all the warning bells possible and it did attract my attention. It was only the ones wearing blinkers that refused to take any notice of it because they were infatuated by what the Messiah was saying instead of listening to what others were saying.

    IMHO, when two Geo's left the scene one after another, Top Geo's mind you......that should have been enough to make someone sit up and starting to listen.

    Someone was saying that one of them left because he had a heart attack and that the Messiah told him so. Yet if you were to read what another poster was saying, it was that it was a whole lot of hot air and that there was nothing wrong with the GEO in question.

  18. 6.1k

    I was in Borneo when theGeo fell out of a chopper, them was the good old days, lots of low hanging fruit.

  19. 6.1k

    MASSIVE CR coming. look how the team is pumping the SP.

  20. 7.5k

    Yep cr is on the way. Good call pilots

  21. 4.0k

    There is no two ways about it. Big CR on it's way now.

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