1. 350

    Looks like I got set just in time on this one, performing strongly the last few days

  2. 350

    The gift that just keeps on giving :)

  3. 207

    Has not found the top of the next Darvas Box!

  4. 350

    Sorry Ramjam, I don't use darvas boxes. What do you believe that means for this particular chart?

  5. 207

    The top of the box is defined when the highest price has not been challenge for 3 days. After the top has been set. the bottom can be defined by the lowest price by the same process; the lowest price not challenged for 3 days.

    Once the box has been defined you have the next entry price (top of the box +1) and the exit price (bottom of box -1). While the new box is been defined the bottom of the previous box is the exit.

    With Darvas Boxes you always know the exact entry and exit price.

    So what does it mean; well the price continues to go up!

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