CM8 Breakout point is at 16.5c

  1. 3.5k

    Here are your statements when sp was 2c
    "Im actually up 6 figures on esi.."
    "I hold a few million heads but mostly options"
    "I hold ESI, ESIOA and ESIOB, over 2 accounts (one company, one personal)."
    "I didnt sell at 3.5 because i value the company more that that."

    3M heads bought at 1.3c and sold @ 2c would only give 21K profit
    even with a few million free B options, which is all you could get without paying on market for them and a strike rate of 1.5c for them, makes those options useless. They past expiry as well so bad luck for you, though I understand the company has extended it. So you would have had to buy 15M ESIOA options, convert them at the time of sp being 2c to get anywhere near 100k. Of course that never happened and you are full of BS.

    This is the reality, if you are ready to hear it..
    You came into ESI in 2012 when the hype was the loudest and the SP went from half a cent to over 3c.
    That's when most Retail gamblers get drawn in.
    They don't understand the technology but get carried away with the lure of a spiking SP. I mean half a cent to 3 cents in a matter of weeks certainly draws people in and gets their attention.
    So you bought at the top, as the price very quickly fell from 3 cents back to 1 cent in a few months, and you would be then stuck with your shares and be tempted to average down. Many penny retailers get tempted to average down their loss or they get taken by the allure of options as they think spend a little and gain plenty.
    So I am guessing then , buying 'A' options at about .003 would be very tempting for you and you bought millions of them and then , you bought millions of 'B" options as well as they were even cheaper.

    Thus the reality would be, instead of being up 6 figures, you would have spent 6 figures!
    And all you can get back at this moment is the money on the 3M heads you paid 1.3c for.


  2. 195

    Bahahhahahaha fuck you really are delusion on how right you THINK you are.

    I cant even remember how many times you said "you would have", "you bought" etc..... You know 2 fifths of fuck all what and how i accumulated my shares and at what price. The only thing you know is i have a few million heads that i procured at an avg. price of 1.3c. FACT.

  3. 2.0k

    Here we go again breakout coming ;)

  4. 2.0k

    Here we go.....building of late

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