1.36c pre reconstruction or 6.9c Last Sale

  1. 1.8k

    Looks to me that whoever loyally followed this lot of give me give me Directors ....fell on their sword like every other shareholder...

  2. 1.8k

    Absolutely pathetic our Board runs the company as it belongs to them only.... I have to say though that the blame rests on all those that voted for this Board....DH’s!

  3. 2.2k

    I hope that the Golden Greek is still okay.

    I do feel for him.

  4. 2.2k

    And don't forget the Bush Lawyer.

    Dear oh me what a shock and disaster that turned out to be with all his predicaments and where Cottee was going to take us all.

    Yep, based upon what this is turning out to be, down to hell and to the poor people's place.

    Baked beans anyone.??

    If you can still buy them anyway as the supermarkets have run out of everything.

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  5. 2.2k

    I wonder where the bush Lawyer is today and if he willing to come and comment on his predictions.

    I WONDER.... How about it CB.??

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  6. 2.2k

    Obviously CB has gone underground. Disappeared into the blue yonder.

    That is what baseless rampers usually do.

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