2Points if I may Gov.

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  1. 6.1k

    Gov you post,###if Mr. Central does not want to develop the Surprise oil field, sell it###
    My question to you is, since when does a depleted single well that's not ever going to pay its development costs become a field??.
    Second who in their right mind would buy Surprise???.

  2. 4.0k

    And if my birdy tells me okay, (Which he has never failed to tell me the right things), if and when they are producing oil and or gas form that area, they will also be liable to pay Royalties to someone else beside the ones payable to the NT Government.

  3. 6.1k

    B134, you are 100% correct, can not see it ever paying its way.

  4. 297

    can someone pay me royalties ie a dividend one day

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  5. 6.1k

    can someone pay me royalties ie a dividend one day, LOL,LOL,LOL, Mate its going to be a cold day in hell when that happens.

  6. 7.5k

    Pilots you own these people if only some listened too you...

  7. 6.1k

    LOL,, BUT1BUT!BUT! some of them are holding big numbers of shares

  8. 7.5k

    Pilots that is not your fault they are holding big holdings of shares

  9. 4.0k

    I hope that you are right Gasoroil but I wouldn't hold my breath awaiting for Dividends for fear of getting blue in the face.

    There will be someone that will be collecting big, but it won't be me and you.

    As for the royalties payable to someone else, my little bird tells me that he is very pissed off for not getting anything.

  10. 1.4k

    When Cottee changed the website, he also got rid of mention or prominence of "dividends", .... thus dumbing down reasons for investing in this company IMO.

    If any company wanted to lose market interest and value, just do what Cottee did, .... make a secret gas plan along with other negative actions, like consolidation, $48m worth of options not exercised, no dividend potential from "boring annuities", etc.

  11. 6.1k

    His biggest joke is that he has Gas for sale.

  12. 1.4k

    "His biggest joke is that he has Gas for sale."

    Are you saying that the company is a scam ?

  13. 6.1k

    No, I would be moor inclined to say the share holders have been scammed, what do you think??, looking back on the SP one would have to say it was not a good investment.

  14. 1.4k

    According to Cottee, it will take a bit of time to produce the goods, so have to be patient.

    Another 12 months if company can last.

    If they haven't got the gas, what do they do then, and why would MB be so interested in what we will have, Cottee's words, boring annuities ?

  15. 6.1k

    ###it will take a bit of time to produce the goods###. LOL.LOL.LOL. First they have to find some goods, that's the hard part, when it comes to Oil/Gas it can take YEARS and a train load of money.

  16. 1.4k

    They have the goods otherwise MB would not be interested unless they are part of the conspiracy.

  17. 4.0k

    Perhaps they have the goods Rawali, but they haven't got the money to drill and get it ready to sell. Besides, we haven't even got a pipeline to the East Coast of Australia as yet, and we have a hell of a lot of commitments to meet in the immediate future.

    Where is the next lot of money coming from.??

  18. 6.1k

    ###Perhaps they have the goods### Perhaps they don't, BUT! to find out they will need a TRAIN load of money just to look for it.
    Right now you have loads of Seismic crews around the world looking for Oil/Gas, how many new finds did they located last year.

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