2020 Mamlambo Drilling Not Likely

  1. 83.9k

    i notice the share price rising lately .. is it time for another cap. raise .. after all demand for energy isn't exploding

  2. 2.2k

    Yep, you might be right.

    But lats Friday the so took a tumble too.

    And IMHO, if a CR is to be done, rest assured that the sophisticated and the Financial Institutions will get first bait at the cherry and at a heavily discounted price too.

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  3. 3.4k

    from jim other forum;

    "With any luck the dukas action or news thereof will start running about the same time the NCCC announces the EW pipeline via southern Amadeus. Once dukas springs and CTP realise the massive, high pressure helium NG reserve CTP should pop 50c Plus. Dukas might be world news and the next biggest thing onshore AUS after the Perth basin"

    Whytf haven't our illustrious leaders pursued this big time, (dukas), and told santos to either drill or foff, ... as if not important to santos, it is extremely so for CTP share holders ?
    IMO, if JH was still in control, he would not have allowed the aholes or sto to get away with this.

    jim made a mistake though, if Dukas successful, sp would be nearer $1.

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  4. 3.4k

    I thought our illustrious team were already a team of experts, but no, they have just hired another for O&G exploration.
    Tell santos to get off their arse and finish Dukas, if it is "one of the largest conventional on-shore gas
    prospects in Australia."
    Give us long term share holders a fair suck of the sav.

    Investor & Media Enquiries
    Sarah Morgan
    T: 0421 664 969
    Central Petroleum Limited
    ABN 72 083 254 308.
    Level 7, 369 Ann Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000, Australia
    GPO Box 292, Brisbane, QLD 4001, Australia
    T: +61 (0)7 3181 3800
    F: +61 (0)7 3181 3855
    4 June 2020
    Appointment of Dr Agu Kantsler as a new Director
    Central Petroleum Limited (ASX:CTP) (“Company” or “Central”) is pleased to announce the
    appointment of Dr Agu Kantsler as a Director of the Company, effective 15 June 2020.
    Central’s Chairman, Wrix Gasteen said, “After an extensive search for an oil and gas
    exploration expert, I am delighted to welcome a person of Dr Kantsler’s professional calibre to
    the Central Petroleum board. Dr Kantsler’s appointment is timely as he joins Central during
    an important step-change in the evolution of our company. We are emerging from recent
    market and COVID-19 challenges with a focus on growth and diversification by progressing
    our near term exploration programme in the Amadeus Basin (Northern Territory), the Range
    CSG project in the Surat Basin (Qld), and completion of the Dukas exploration well (southern
    Amadeus Basin, Northern Territory), targeting one of the largest conventional on-shore gas
    prospects in Australia.”
    “Agu brings strong technical credibility and an extensive depth of experience to the Board at
    this exciting juncture in Central’s strategy to become a major supplier into the east coast gas
    market,” added Mr Gasteen.
    Dr Kantsler is one of Australia’s most respected and experienced petroleum exploration
    executives, having led Woodside Petroleum’s world-wide exploration, business development
    and geotechnical activities as Executive Vice President Exploration and New Ventures from
    1995 to 2009.
    Prior to joining Woodside, Dr Kantsler worked for Shell in various international locations and
    has served as Director and Chairman of the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration
    Association (APPEA). Dr Kantsler is Managing Director of Transform Exploration Pty Ltd, a
    Non-executive Director of Oil Search Limited since 2010 and a former President of the
    Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA.
    -endsThis ASX announcement was approved and authorised for release by Leon Devaney, Managing
    Director and Chief Executive Officer.

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  5. 2.2k

    ""#"With any luck the dukas action or news thereof will start running about the same time the NCCC announces the EW pipeline via southern Amadeus.#""

    Rawali et all,

    What do you think the new proposed legislation about Foreign Investment money been allowed to come into Australia to take control of these sort of things the likes of pipelines, and other infrastructures which may not help Australia Independence itself.?

    I have been saying for quite a while as well that IMO money which is coming in from NA (Canada especially) might not be actual Canadian money either and guess what someone in power is saying now.

    In closing, where is that money going to come from.??

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