2020 Mamlambo Drilling Not Likely

  1. 69.3k

    i notice the share price rising lately .. is it time for another cap. raise .. after all demand for energy isn't exploding

  2. 2.1k

    Yep, you might be right.

    But lats Friday the so took a tumble too.

    And IMHO, if a CR is to be done, rest assured that the sophisticated and the Financial Institutions will get first bait at the cherry and at a heavily discounted price too.

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  3. 2.4k

    from jim other forum;

    "With any luck the dukas action or news thereof will start running about the same time the NCCC announces the EW pipeline via southern Amadeus. Once dukas springs and CTP realise the massive, high pressure helium NG reserve CTP should pop 50c Plus. Dukas might be world news and the next biggest thing onshore AUS after the Perth basin"

    Whytf haven't our illustrious leaders pursued this big time, (dukas), and told santos to either drill or foff, ... as if not important to santos, it is extremely so for CTP share holders ?
    IMO, if JH was still in control, he would not have allowed the aholes or sto to get away with this.

    jim made a mistake though, if Dukas successful, sp would be nearer $1.

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