2021. 1st of 2 scheduled transformatonal years.

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    " Key Activity Tasks " 2021 outlined by CEO recently.

    Q1 Dukas well design decision for drill 1H 2022 ( " motivated to accelerate drill wherever possible " )

    Q1 Farm-out existing producing fields concludes ( preferred farm-in partner now in agreed time limited due diligence ).

    Q1 Range Pilot planning / preparation..

    Q2 Range Pilot drill begins.

    Q2 Zevon seismic begins ( timing uncertain ) ?

    Q2 Mereenie re-completions begin ( how many ? )

    Q2 P.V.Deep / Dingo Deep / Orange ( " volumetrically significant " ) drills begin.

    Q3 P.V.Deep / Dingo Deep / Orange drills complete.

    Q3 Mereenie production 2 wells drill.

    Q3 Range Pilot production test starts.

    Q3 Interpret Zevon seismic ( timing uncertain ) ?

    Q4 Amadeus to Moomba pipeline FID

    Q4 Range FID

    Its been 14 years since listing. Original company concept possibilities now being realised. If CEO and Board can't make it happen nobody can !

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    should be " transformational "

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    Incitec and CTP are both very keen to bring Range into production and financial reality. Range is CTP immediate priority.

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    Chair changing in March. Ex APA CEO Mick McCormack becomes new Chait in March. Is Wrix remaining on Board ?

  5. 2.6k

    Hope McCormick does something for share holders and then might get voted in as MD.

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    Key activities tasks listed above are where his attention will be directed. Hes there because of his pipeline connections which relate directly to the Southern Moomba pipeline proposal and planned FID end 2020. The pipeline proposal is more than just an idea - its more like a Dukas necessity. He will intermediate with Federal Government, be the company publicity / public face and, possibly, bang eco-warrior heads together.

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    Those above are programmed key events for 2 consecutive transformational years. CTP have spoken about being alert for other new opportunities. Two events happening anytime now are AJQs farm-out / sale of its Macarthur Basin tenement EEG missed out on 2010 by 2 days ; and Origin Energy thinking about farming-down its Beetaloo prospects. Beetaloo prospect is northwest and Macarthur Basin tenement is north east of CTPs Wiso Basin areas. Geographically that could work. It would also contribute to future viability of proposed SNP pipeline to be FID end 2021. More cash would be needed.

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  8. 2.6k

    Maybe send an email to LD and ask if this could be in CTP's forward plans.
    Could be an interesting answer.

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    CTP Chair Wrix Gasteen announced at AGM he was resigning as Chair with timing of him stepping out of role to be decided by Board. Wrix has now resigned as Director effective tomorrow 28.11.2020. There are now two Board vacancies. What knowledge and skills does Board now need - who will the new guys be ?

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