6.7c Last Price and Going Lower No Doubt

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    I am reading how so many directors are taking pay cuts or no pay at all.
    Why arent our greedy good for nothing directors doing the same thing especially as the market cap has halved in the last week to just $50M...

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    Of course we all know why!

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    They are only in it to win it and with no consideration to shareholders like they don’t exist except at AGM time when they try to act like the shareholders matter....

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    anyhow...it’s all too late for the shareholders and those that voted for the scum got what they deserved

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    ""#I am reading how so many directors are taking pay cuts or no pay at all.
    Why arent our greedy good for nothing directors doing the same thing especially as the market cap has halved in the last week to just $50M...#""

    Are you on some of that funny grass for you to say that.??

    Our BOD's and Management and CEO taking a pay cut.??

    We are talking about CTP here mate.

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    Would not surprise me if they got a pay rise from Mac.
    Would like to know just what kind of Toyotas they bought in A Springs, and who got them.

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    Interesting comments New Pilot. Yep interesting indeed.

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    Here is another company which are thinking of their shareholders, they are thinking about their company and it's survival.


    Your board and management team have substantial experience operating businesses within this sector
    and others during periods of economic dislocation and commodity price pressure. Sensible, cost
    focussed management is required while diligently advancing key projects with our valued joint venture
    partners. Prior to this health event becoming apparant, the company had moved operations from
    Sydney to Perth, reducing staff and contractor costs substantially.
    In recognition of the present extraordinary circumstances the board of directors and CEO have resolved
    to reduce their compensation by 50% through to at least June 30 of this year, and the company’s
    CFO/Company Secretary has volunteered to reduce his compensation by 30% for the same period.
    This will substantially reduce the company’s cash outgoings and demonstrates the alignment of
    Metgasco’s board and staff with the interests of shareholders. The directors are grateful to their
    executive colleagues for their commitment to the company. Further cost savings may be effected
    should circumstances warrant it.
    The board appreciates your continued support and we remain confident of delivering on our key
    business priorities over the coming months, and to creating substantial value for Metgasco
    shareholders in the years ahead.
    Mr. Philip Amery (Chair)
    Mr. Ken Aitken (CEO)
    Dr. Robbert Willink (Director)
    Mr. John Patton (Director)
    Mr. Paul Bird (CFO and Company Secretary)##""

    Now where is our BOD's and Executives in this regard.??

    How about it you lots. Where are you hiding.??

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    CTP and it's BOD's and Management are very silent on this......Are they not.??

    I WONDER WHY...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I know that people in high places in CTP are following these here threads and HC, the CS #2 in particular.

    Yet, they won't say anything about what we are saying here about them taking a pay cut like many other companies are doing out there under these hard times.

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    CTP, ... unbelievable, today opens at 10c , down to 9.2c now, those buyers losing 10% of their investment in 1 day.

    Buyers gone from ~ 4 million to ~3 million, and sellers gone from ~ 2 million up to ~ 3 million.

    What has triggered this but shouldn't ask as just normal for this company.

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    It is my strongest opinion that the CTP ship is currently afloat or rolling on the heavy seas without a rudder nor anyone else to guide it either.

    You lead by example they say but, are they.??

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    With that in mind, I beg to differ.

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    Your ship is with out a GPS I believe, has been for some time.

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    New director notice, ..... has no shares at all with CTP.
    What does that tell us, ..... not much interest in the company.

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    the new director might be smarter than average ??

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    ""##New director notice, ..... has no shares at all with CTP.##""

    Rawali, what makes you think that Directors buy shares in the company they represent or as soon as they get in a position.??

    They usually get them for nothing do they not.?? So why would they have to buy some when they get them for ZILCH.??

    Welcome to the World of the Sharemarket my friend where people's pockets are more often than not getting drilled as deep as possible and where the benefits, In some cases, find it's ways into the top echelon of the company.

    Just look at what the Messiah ended up with and how much went into his pockets during his time at the helm of this ship and look at what went into our pockets.

    As per usual that is a fact not a fiction.


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    Salvation et all, it is only us shareholders that have to buy shares into a company. Most Directors don't as they get heaps of them for nothing.

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    Yes have a look at MNS, just took on a new director, look at the shares hes going to get for nothing, as well as a sign on fee of $300K.

  20. 435

    Looks like the village idiot is craving attention.
    Morning Pilots you Mungbean 🤗

  21. 1.6k

    Please note how long this village idiot has been posting on CTP.

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