9.1c a Share on the Bid and Buyers Gone

  1. 1.8k

    Buying has completely dried up and I wouldn’t be surprised to see 6c a share today!

  2. 1.8k

    The end is near!
    Thank you deceptive Board for making shorts big money!
    Soon will need a new Company to find with deceptive directors to make a killing on the market by shorting as CT&P is all but gone...

  3. 14.3k

    Great buying in price

  4. 14.8k

    Mate, the only thing you would with this dogs shares is SELL.

  5. 2.2k

    I hope you reconsider what you are saying adds04.

    Buying you say.??

    With the current market sentiment./?

    Good luck mate and I mean it.

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  6. 14.3k

    The shares are getting cheaper. More value

  7. 2.2k

    Yes but don't forget that for the shares to pick in prices we need some good news, huge sales volumes, and more exploration...............something which is not happening, let alone the huge debt we have with big Mac.

    In the meantime we are still paying huge salaries to all Management and Board (NO, THERE IS NO TALKS OF THEM GETTING A PAY CUT), and we are still paying for two Company Secretaries.....................Not one like companies tens and tens of times bigger and more profitable than us, are doing.

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  8. 1.8k

    Two Co sec’s is just job for mates. Cottee even had his son working for CT&P. They are all out to rip the shareholders off and on top of that no performance and significant deception at every turn...

  9. 2.2k

    One thing is for sure IMO. The balance sheet doesn't look that promising.

    Read below and then tell me.:

    "Strengthened balance sheet
    The group received net operating cash flows of $8.3 million and continued making accelerated
    debt repayments during the half year, with $9.5 million of principal repaid during the period
    and a total of $21.5 million repaid in the full calendar year.
    Subsequent to the balance date, the Group’s loan facility was extended for a further 12 months
    to September 2021, significantly improving the net current asset position relative to that
    reported in the half year report as illustrated below:
    Consolidated Balance Sheet Statutory balance sheet
    as at 31 Dec 2019
    Impact of loan extension
    10 February 2020
    Balance sheet
    after loan
    $ $ $
    Current assets 29,420,586 - 29,420,586
    Current liabilities (93,086,714) 67,700,963 (25,385,751)
    Net current assets / (liabilities) (63,666,128) 67,700,963 4,034,835
    The net working capital position also includes $10.9 million of deferred revenue liabilities
    associated with the market value of pre-sold gas and customer take-or-pay balances which
    do not represent a cash liability to the group as they will either be settled by the physical
    delivery of gas or forfeited by the buyer under the contract. There will be no settlement in cash
    and no associated cash outflow other than marginal production costs. The net asset position
    has improved further subsequent to year end, with $7.7 million received in January as final
    settlement for the proceeds from the farm-out of a 50% interest in the Range Gas Project."

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