9.4c today and 6c this Week

  1. 1.8k

    It’s time to accept and let go of this Mac controlled company whose assets belong to Mac and not its shareholders...Right scumbag directors?

  2. 2.2k

    It is less than our debt truth. Not more. And not even enough to cover for the debt to MacBank.

  3. 2.2k

    ""#Remind me again please how much of a pay cut our pathetic useless directors took to coincide with our ruined company? The Company they ruined....#""

    Truth et all, read below:

    '""From S2R

    The company maintains a strong cash balance as at February 2020 of $7.7 million. In order to conserve this
    position, all directors will take a 40% pay cut until 30 June 2020 at which point that will be reassessed. If
    normal activities resume during that time, then this measure will be rescinded.""'

    That is what good and conscious directors do. They take a pay cut because of the circumstances. But it appears that none of ours guys have that gift. Not based on what is happening now anyway and not until they decide to follow the lead of some others.

  4. 2.2k

    Rawali, who paid Morningstar to print that document.??

    With the price of oil today and the gas to follow the lead, how can they say that that is the company value.?

    I wonder how many shares did this writer bought in CTP before writing that article and soon after.

  5. 2.2k

    I ask you all once again, where is that biggest ramper of them all, and the know all today.??

  6. 1.6k

    Got C-19????????.

  7. 2.9k

    If anyone was going to make a joke out of this virus it would be Topstocks resident filthy scummy old man - I'm sure victims appreciate it newpllootts.

  8. 1.6k

    And its a BIG good morning to Anne, would you like a photo of me for your bedroom ceiling??.

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