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    Don’t see no growth in shareholder wealth...just directors raking it in as fast as they can.
    Do nothing directors....except kiss up to Mac...

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    Dukas is a gift for Mac and not shareholders

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    Yes Do Nothing Directors is the title of this story for shareholders. But for themselves a whole different story...

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    Development of Queensland Gas Tenement Acreage On Hold
    27 March 2020
    Incitec Pivot Limited (ASX: IPL) today announced that the 50/50 joint venture project
    concerning the coal seam gas acreage (ATP 2031) in Queensland’s Surat Basin has been
    temporarily paused at the request of its partner Central Petroleum Limited (ASX: CTP). The
    oil and gas sector has been significantly impacted by logistical disruptions caused by the
    COVID-19 pandemic, as well as significant disruptions to the global oil and domestic gas
    “IPL and CTP remain committed to the domestic gas project and look forward to restarting
    activities on the planned three-well production pilot as soon as possible”, said Jeanne Johns,
    IPL Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer.
    IPL’s gas supply agreement with CTP, for the supply of natural gas to IPL’s Gibson Island site
    in Queensland ended in December 2019. Gas supply from Australia Pacific LNG will meet the
    plant’s needs from 1 April 2020 through to 31 December 2022.

    courtesy of Bell Direct

    ( DYOR )

    i do not hold this share

    add in an oil price of around $ US 23 a barrel and i hope the board are looking at salary cuts

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    and share price down again as market doesn’t like these guys

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    Another pay raise about to happen...more options too...and while they do absolutely nothing except kill the share price

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    ""##Do nothing directors....except kiss up to Mac...##""

    Kissing up and getting too close to someone else, INCLUDING MAC, and with the current COVID19 hanging over us can lead to getting the Virus itself.

    That is against the current rules and regulations. So, can that happen to them too.??

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    Good post Salvation. But did you noticed as to whom it was that put a stop to that.??

    It wasn't Incitec, that's for sure.

    Could it be the same thing that happened between Total and CTP in the past.??

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    Don't hold your breath on them taking a pay cut. If they were intending to do so, they would have done this a long time ago.

    But you never know and by reading what some shareholders are saying, who knows.

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    Perhaps another Sect. 249D could od the trick. You will soon see how long it would take to make a move on.

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