Central Petroleum has 'very attractive growth prospects'

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    so the IPL contract is on long-term delay ??


    now looking for a government bailout

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    Sal, where's the Central Petroleum announcement regarding this interview ?
    Company still doing the same as it has since John Heugh given the boot, and we have to learn about what's going on from other sources apart from Central.
    I hope MMc. helps us become independent from Santos and get Dukas re-drilled asap, and not waiting til 2022.

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    i would assume it would be this morning if the whole thing is legit OR an ASX query if nothing is released

    but given another news releases from other ASX listed companies over the years , i have seen some jaw-dropping releases and fewer eye-opening results
    HOWEVER i will be watching MB to see if they make any announcements .. they probably have $10 billion in spare credit and a JV in a pipeline business

    will be very interesting to see if any government offers the cash for the project ( considering several pander to Green interests )

    i would how IPL will take this they were hoping for some gas for their fertilizer plant this year

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    MB has a presentation out today

    but i only had a brief glance and did not see any reference to CTP but did mention oil/gas/energy sectors and assets

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    still no ann. from CTP

    interesting market reaction

    more spin later perhaps


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    14c , .... look at Cottee's EXR, 14c no production, only potential in Mongolia.

    Central should be $1 by now, wtf.

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    Cottee just bought some EXR or converted options or give for nothing.

    A pity he hadn't committed same to Central, but then again, he said he wasn't doing it for the money.

    Must have been doing it for MacQuarie bank.

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    Looks like $1 million of shares given to those at the top.

    Where's our fn dividends you greedy b.stards ?

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    $5.4 million profit and share price goes down to 11.5c.

    No fn hope for share holders in this one as only being run for those at the top.
    Who would buy into this now as no exciting exploration going on and our Dukas stymied by major ahole santos.
    What could have been, will not be now as being controlled and pigs in the one trough.

    This company has been privatised even though they lost the SOA attempt to do same.

    Greedy messiahs, not doing it for the money, etc, ... and not doing it for their bosses, the share holders.

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    will you please foff with your 1st gp bs.

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    fuck off you goose.

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