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    And why the confidentiality clauses if it will be of benefit to all shareholders.?

    Does only the people paying their membership to get to know what they are planning to do especially if it will benefit them as well if they need the support of all shareholders.??

    How can they achieve what they want if they don't get the support of the rest of the shareholders.??

    This association IMO could very well fall within the category of "SOMEONE WITH A REAL METHOD IN SOMEONE'S MADNESS" especially if we are to look at what they have been able to achieve in favour of the shareholders thus far.??

    I wonder.!!

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    ""(As a joint venture partner CTP can sole risk drilling any well they want if Santos does not want to participate.)""

    100% correct.

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    ""((They are not interested or concerned about Dukas, so we should be drilling our own.))""

    Correct mate. But can you write or ring someone in CTP (You know who) and put that proposition up to him and see what he has to say.??

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    Did that yesterday Buddy, but said would cost 10's $millions for new well and about $10m to finish existing well.
    Will be interesting to see how LD and BOD handle this Santos hiccup/delay.

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    Rawali, I don't think that it would cost tens of millions of dollars to drill a well but Pilot can clarify this for me.

    But let me tell you something if I may. We are an exploration company are we not.?? And exploration companies that is what they do.......drilling and more drilling in the hope that they will find gas and oil. You can't find oil and gas if you don't drill...Period.!!

    The oil and gas doesn't come out of the ground from under your chair while you are sitting there, unless you look for it.

    And we have money in the Bank too. So what is the excuse.??

    Good Boards and CEO's/MD's would go out and make sure that we raise the money to drill some wells not just sitting on their derrieres waiting for a miracle to come while collecting huge pays and freebies at the cost of shareholders. That has been going on ever since those meetings held in Perth in 2012.......Sitting and praying for miracles, that's all.

    I am invested in other O&G companies and guess what, they are doing what I juts told you above. They drill and fid gas and oil while we are not.

    That, to me, would have to be the biggest excuse that anyone would come out with. If he can't go out and raise the money or he can't convince the Board that we have to drill, IMO he is not worth his money and his position.

    How much money have they told us we have in the Bank.??

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    ""((Will be interesting to see how LD and BOD handle this Santos hiccup/delay.)""

    Don't hold your breath. STO is calling the shots and the only way out of it is for us to go alone and drill not just sitting on our a..ses while praying and hope.

    STO will do what they want and possibly sitting on the sideline until they will be ready to do something about it, either drilling or taking us out of the ASX. Period.!!

    So, unless that is what the Board is hoping for, we have to bait the bullet and start drilling and drill like mad. IMO that is what a good Board should do.

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    Yes, if I was the MD, no way would I allow the halting of Dukas for any reason.

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    What about Mt Kitty. I significant discovery with the worlds highest helium production?
    What did little Leon with no technical knowledge tell us? What Rot!
    That only needs a lateral well to produce commercial rates of helium and hydrocarbons and hydrogen.
    A very large significant discovery and what technical reason did little Leon put forward to shareholders not to go back and sole risk drilling it? My God....these people have no idea what they found or are so stupid to say what they did or again hiding assets from shareholders or have their own personal agenda to live off company revenues.....or most of the above....and that’s that!

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    ###with the worlds highest helium production?###

    A VERY long way from the truth, BUT one must not let the truth get in the way of a good story.

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    Should have been worlds highest helium concentration...oops

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    So we have been told. As such it is a good story but, like Pilot wrote, ""One must not let the truth get in the way of a good story"".

    Unless we bring it production and surface everything else is just a big myth.

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    Rawali, like I said before, we have the money in the Bank and if we are to drill and show success, money is not going to be a problem anymore as many investors and majors in the O&G World would rush to pour money into our tenements.

    But the same old same old exists "IS THERE A REAL METHOD IN SOMEONE'S MADNESS.??"

    For anyone not agreeing with me on that one, I beg to differ.

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    This AGM is where the shareholders either get their act together and dump these no hopers or you may as well give them your bank account details at the next capital raising because they won’t drill anything and just lining their pockets with shareholders monies!
    I can tell you with certainty that these crooks are looking to find a buyer for your company and the deal depends on what they will personally get out of it as the most important clause in the contract ....

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    If we had a MD for the shareholders the first thing he should do is sole risk 2 sub salt horizontal wells immediately ie Dukas and Mt Kitty. Then CTP will have a share price of about $1-$2 and companies falling over each other to take us over for all the mammoth upside in our ground at $3+ a share. This is what the shareholders don’t seem to understand and are only causing themselves self inflicted pain continuing with these Non technical crooks...

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    ###2 sub salt horizontal wells immediately ie Dukas and Mt Kitty. Then CTP will have a share price of about $1-$2 and companies falling over each other to take us over##

    What happens if both salt domes are dusters???.

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    *** What happens if both salt domes are dusters???. ***

    much the same as now

    truth4ume really motivated and the share price still under 20c a share

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    Trouble is, can any one name a salt dome that was drilled in Australia that was commercial???.

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    State Gas Limited (ASX: GAS) (“State Gas” or “the Company”) refers to its previous
    announcements of 4 October 2019 and 18 October 2019 relating to the spudding and
    commencement of coring at the Aldinga East-1A well in the Reid’s Dome Gas Project (PL 231).
    The Company has completed coring operations.
    The cored interval from 563.5 – 649m contained coal seams and a conventional sandstone
    reservoir within the Reid’s Dome Beds. Gas was noted bubbling from both coal and sandstone.
    After pulling the coring assembly out of hole, the well started vigorously bubbling gas from the
    As a result, the mud weight is currently being increased to control the gas influx and ensure the
    safety of the rig and personnel.
    The gas is believed to be coming from the sandstone reservoir within the Reid’s Dome Beds as
    typically gas will not be produced from coal seams until the pressure in the well is dropped by
    pumping fluid out of the well.
    If significant gas is emanating from the sandstone, it is anticipated that this conventional gas will
    enhance the economics of any coal seam gas project at PL 231.
    Further updates will be provided once drilling reaches total depth (targeted to be1,200m) and
    testing is undertaken

    different company but a remembered director on board , another strange drill result , coincidence , perhaps

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    With Mr No Comment on the Board of GAS and with his hand out for so many performance rights again for a person that does not perform...I predict another BS low gas producer that they are trying to pump up until they cash in their performance rights....same old BS story

  20. 1.8k

    Mr No Comments ex FPL still less than a cent pumping out same BS of big finds ....ya right

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