Change of Company Secretary

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    Central Petroleum Limited (ASX:CTP) (“Company” or “Central”) advises that its joint
    Company Secretary, Joe Morfea will step down from his roles at Central.
    This change is a result of restructuring across the Central group in response to current
    market conditions and is part of a broader proactive move to streamline operations whilst
    preserving the Company’s ability to resume growth activity quickly.
    “Joe has been an integral part of Central’s operations for over 33 years through his
    involvement with Magellan which joined the Central Group in 2014,” said Central’s CEO and
    Managing Director, Leon Devaney. “We thank Joe for his contribution and wish him all the
    best in his future endeavours.”
    Daniel White will continue as the Company Secretary for Central.

    courtesy of Bell Direct

    ( DYOR )

    i do not hold this share

    getting interesting now

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    Yes I note that but that is what was expected after pressure being put upon.

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    Yes, he has been pushed out the door but IMHO they should have got rid of the other or cut his salary in one half. Especially when we had a man in there which, according to the CEO had 33 years experience.... and he is gone.

    Just tell me, why do we need a man in there with that kind of salary which is close to what the CEO is collecting.?........................ With a company the size of ours.????..................I said it many times before and I will say it again.......................................GO FIGURE.!!

    Yet no one will ever know under what conditions it was done either. The things that can happen behind the scene in some companies especially where silence is the motto, it is anyone's guess. And IMHO, and with the records facing us to date, Central is one of those companies where silence in most cases prevails.

    Prove me wrong and I will quickly and unequivocally apologise.

    The pressure, at times, can change things my friends. Rest assured of that....

    As they used to say since the Roman times, the constant drop will eventually break the rock.

    Still no issues/talks about them cutting their salaries though and the pressure should still be kept on, especially during these trying conditions.

    Good luck to all and sundries. Let me tell you that we will need plenty of it.

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    Look at what happened with this company over the last 7 years or so and then tell me.

    And what about the shareholders (LONG Term Investors forget about the SHORT TERM Traders)...............................

    What is there to say if not sorrow and tears.??

    In the meantime everyone there collected huge salaries and benefits all under the very eyes of both the Regulators, let along the ones in the BOD's which are supposed to be looking after the shareholders as well..............................GO FIGURE.!!

    Welcome to the Sharemarket and all the sharks allowed to be freely swimming around therein.

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    Must be frustrating for the senior management this C-19, the free trips all over Australia (with family) are over for now.

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    oh dear , the pain , so sad ( SARCASM )

    plenty of skilled fraccers now available in the US maybe MB could make a new offer , with bringing experienced crews as the sweetener ( and of course replace the management )

  7. 1.6k

    ""replace the management"" ??????? They DO what Mac tells them to do.

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  8. 83.9k

    i doubt that MB would want them MAKE MONEY and repay that ( extended ) loan

  9. 2.2k

    Good one Pilot. They are restrained into the offices.................................IF THEY GO THERE AT ALL THAT IS....

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    They (MacBank) won't replace the Management because if they were to be doing so they wouldn't get the support of the Board if they were to be doing a Takeover or a Scheme of Arrangement.

    The only way they would do so would be via a forced takeover.

    But forget about the 20 cents per share like the original offer.

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  11. 2.2k

    I hope I am wrong but IMO I can see this thing ending up like NEXUS.

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  12. 1.6k

    ###But forget about the 20 cents per share like the original offer###
    The 20cent offer is just like the 500Bbls a day the surprise well was flowering.

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