1. 3.4k

    and why no public announcement from Central Petroleum ;

    "July 2 (Reuters) - Central Petroleum Ltd (CTP) :


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  2. 83.9k

    maybe they are busy , trying to get the quarterlies out

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  3. 3.4k

    from hc, gasoroil;

    "This company started up at 20 cents all those years ago and today with everything it has only 12 cents
    cant even get my money back and even if they drill another 500 holes and discover the richest gas fields the world has seen then we might reach 14 cents.
    what a joke"

    but goo forgot that it was 20c before consolidation, .... $1 then now 12c.

    I have held since 2008, what a fn joke alright, except Cottee and his cohorts have my money.

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  5. 3.4k

    you fucking goose.

  6. 3.4k


    Central Petroleum should have been drilling the sh.. out of Dukas, with or without Santos.
    Then we might have had the "boring annuities" espoused by ex MD Cottee, and a share price I could get square again with.

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  7. 3.4k

    good one from prato over at hc;

    "You have to be ahead of the game to win. CTP has always been a few steps behind. If we had a board that looked into the future they would have somehow by hook or by crook gone ahead with Dumas and drilled the shit out of it. No, Santos says no and we pull our pants down. As Del Boy often quips ‘ who dares wins’.
    Sadly, no chance of that with our board. No, take no risks an just keep pumping enough to cover their out of proportion salaries for ever and a day. Oh, I forgot. Release the odd Ann. pointing to good things in YEARS to come to keep the shareholders hoping and on board. Pathetic to say the least."

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  8. 3.4k

    " RLT Thread »

    I think Dukas/Amadeus Helium potential is about 6%, just sent another email to Leon and his cohorts asking why they are not doing more about Dukas, and giving us the share holders a fair go, .... enhance our investments, and not just themselves as a lot of us perceive, and allowing the market to finally get credibility from our company, CbloodyTP..

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  9. 3.4k

    good one about our "partner" Santos, it's been a bit like buying the business out and then closing it down, ..... from hc;

    .... "given the high pressure and traces of gas that would be an extremely cheap way of retaining 15% interest.
    As Santos has played hardball/keepings off we should exercise all options possible to get back some of the equity in this field or kick them out. at least if they are gone we can potentially find other partners will to move ahead.
    So far our so called partnership with Santos has had them stringing us along and stalling at every occasion. time to move ahead or move over. "

    Leon .... get rid of santos, drill Dukas and help investors get our fn money back.

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  10. 3.4k

    Shouldn't Santos be announcing by today, their intentions for Dukas.

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  11. 83.9k

    haven't seen it , but then there is likely to be a flood on Monday , of reports caught in the bottleneck

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