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    Amazing what a difference in attitudes between a Board which seems to care about it's shareholder and another one which doesn't can do.

    Read below:



    • Final casing string run to depth and cemented in place.

    Since the last update, Strike has successfully run the final 5-1/2” casing string in the West Erregulla 2 well.
    The casing was set at a depth of 5,090m and cemented in place, safely securing the exciting Kingia and High
    Cliff gas discoveries at West Erregulla.

    Forward Plan

    Given the excellent results seen to date and the quality of the Kingia gas discovery, the well is likely to be
    physically constrained with the flowrate from the Kingia alone. As such, Strike is preparing to perforate the
    well across the Kingia interval before running the completion assembly and 3-1/2” tubing string. Flow tests
    of the High Cliff and Wagina gas discoveries will be planned and prepared for in the near future.

    Once the well is completed, the rig will be demobilised to allow the production flow test to be conducted.
    Strike Energy Limited (Strike - ASX: STX) is the operator and the holder of a 50% joint venture interest in
    EP469, and Warrego Energy (ASX: WGO) the holder of the other 50% joint venture interest.#""


    You Rawali should send a copy of this one to CTP and you T4ume should send a copy to your mate "Little Leon ".

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    You should have already done it Buddy.

    A lot of share holders should be seeking more explanation regarding Dukas, from CTP.

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    I have written so many requests and asked so many questions in the past to both Mr. No Comment and DW the #2 Secretary (as if we need him there anyway) and a hell of lot of unreturned phone calls, all without an answer let alone an acknowledgment, that I have given up wasting my time.

    From memory I even asked for a copy of the minutes of meeting of an AGM (when according to rules they have to give them to you), even offering to pay for any costs involved and guess what..............................SILENCE.!! .......NOT EVEN A REPLY.

    The only thing we can do is to get another Sect.249D going and try to boot everyone out from that Boardroom and then if we can achieve that, to remove all the rest of the deadwood in that office.

    We cannot, nor are we allowed to remove any of the Executives there even if they are totally hopeless, simply because that decision remains with the BOD's and in the case of an employee, by the CEO himself and then might be ratified by the BOD depending on that employee's position in the company. Don't also forget that only the BOD's can remove a CEO....The shareholders have no say at all in that matter even if they have had enough of him and if, according to them, he hasn't been performing.

    So mate we are snookered. Get rid of the Board and then get rid of the CEO and all the rest in there which are simply seat warming while collecting big ongoing pays.

    If not, well mate all is available to us is to sell out and move on which might play in the hands of the biggest players, because ASIC and the ASX have proven that they couldn't give a hoot about us.

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    And don't forget that someone reading these Forums would have already passed that information on to the powers to be while they couldn't give a damn about what has been posted.

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    B134, you sure have got that right, the holders here are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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    Same here Buddy, just a waste of time phoning or emailing CTP, as you won't get any answers of any value, .... as I have found.
    So, given up contacting them about anything.

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    Just look at BRU Buru Energy on how they always report and have nothing but happy shareholders who know they are being looked after honestly. CTP is a crook in any comparison whatsoever. Truly we are being had big time.

    After what happened to the founder JH, I would have expected him to send people over to explain to the Chairman face to face the mistakes he made in no uncertain terms and then move onto the rest. Fix it himself and if it still didn’t work, to make them an offer to resign that they could not refuse.

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    Our so called directors did not even explain to its shareholders after all these years why the JV pulled out of Mt Kitty if the reporting on other site was accurate . I can tell you this is a scam without a doubt...remember the last TO and how they valued the Amadeus at 25c. That is the worst type of deception a board can do to its shareholders is get someone to kill its valuation on no solid facts and made up BS....and try to sell our company cheap to others and be rewarded for it.
    If this was a government it would be called treason!

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    Pilot, unfortunately that is the truth and reality of investing in the sharemarket.

    Investors and shareholders are just pawn on a chessboard to be sent to death and/or to be sacrificed to protect the queen and the King. No recourse no protection. We are simply doing what we are told while the ones established by the Politicians to protect us couldn't give a short breath about us.

    Now who is sitting on those leather and comfy seats of Boardroom.?? Are there the Kings and Queens.??

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    ""#as you won't get any answers of any value,#""

    You have been luckier than me Rawali. At least you have got some answers although being if not value at all. As for me, I haven't got anything.
    Perhaps I was asking too serious questions and they decided that by answering they could have put themselves into a hot spot so they applied the usual stance/practice. Let it be and throw it into the too hard basket while hoping that by constantly not doing anything, you would get sick of it all and go away.

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    ""#So, given up contacting them about anything.#""

    As I said in my previous post, they worn you out ................. and won.

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