Extension of Existing Finance Facilities

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    From other site, in full agreeance.
    Get rid of the parasites;
    "I am a bit disappointed. I would have hoped that with the falling interest rates that we could have found a better deal out there. Quite frankly i do not trust macquarie bank. I would see that in their bid for CTP they would have been trying to push down our stock price to improve their buy-in price. I have no faith that they still don't or won't toy with our share price. I would have preferred to see the back of them."

  2. 2.2k

    Spot on. Interest rates for this kind of operations and exploring companies (Penny dreadfuls), are usually well in excess of 10% and even more. Sometime even 15 or 20%.

    When there are companies out there willing to guarantee an 18% return for investors to lend them money, and with securities), what makes you think that CTP would only pay 5%.?

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