How Much Did Little Leon Say in ASX Announcement Directors are Cutting Back their Salaries snd Perks?

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    But you are all forgetting that them directors ARE still on a good wicket.

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  2. 83.9k

    well i am VERY surprised the shareholders haven't rebelled to the extent the entire board has been removed ( not just a couple of directors leaving at their own leisure )

    maybe this is the year to restructure the board ( as the shareholders want it to be )

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    It’s too late to rebel and change the board. Mac already own this company’s major assets and Mac couldn’t be happier with another Board in place until they call in their loans and seize our assets.

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    It’s all over, red rover chaps...

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    Buy CVN now!

  6. 2.2k

    Dream on truth........It is never going to happen.

  7. 2.2k

    Truth, like it or lump it, no one can dismiss or get rid of little Leon (as you call him), but the BOD's.

    You/We can say what we like and whinge as much as we like but in the end , WE HAVE NO SAY IN THE MATTER...........NONE AT ALL.......Period.!!!

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    ""##Why doesn't the company buy up asx CTP shares when they are at this low price and reduce numbers ?
    Are they are allowed to do this ?##""

    Of course they can do it Rawali. But they won't do it as they want to keep the cash.

  9. 2.2k

    ""# I sent CTP an email asking if/why they don't buy up shares at low prices.#""

    Good luck with getting a response. Especially getting one from our Legal Counsel OR Company Secretary #2.

    And if you are to hold your breath, I recommend you against it as you will soon find out how quickly you will get blue in the face.

  10. 2.2k

    ""#after all they have a big interest in the company succeeding ( or failing into administration )#""

    If it falls into that predicament, Mac will get it for nothing/nicht/zilch.

    Perhaps that is, and or was, in the plan all along.

    What did happen with Nexus and it's shareholders.??

  11. 2.2k

    Well Salvation, just reading the heading of this thread is more than sufficient to make me roll on the floor laughing.

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