March quarterly highlights

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    I just posted this on the other side of the fence for the ones here interested in this matter and I would like a balanced reply.

    ""(One more thing worth bringing up here for discussion.

    Why was it that the company, (with the help of McBank of course which allowed it to happen), thought that it better changed the status of current liabilities to some long term liabilities sooner rather than later.??

    What would have been the consequences if McBank was to tell us to go and jump.??

    I don't know, but you can tell me.

    Oh so many questions.......

    Over to you an to the ones which at times say that they know a lot of things about the Corporate World and the rules therein.)""

    Over to you my friends and I am waiting for a reply too.

    You too adds04 where you wrote that the quarterly is not too bad.

    I beg to differ. But hey, I am just a poor bean counter which know nothing of anything.

    I therefore will claim the 5th amendment (if that is the right one).

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    CTP has SOME assets producing energy , now while that equates to revenue CTP will be liable to 'clean-up ' remedies and other things MB won't have a team ready to handle , what MB might do is look for a capable team in the area ( maybe WOR or BPT i bet there are more ) wait for CTP to implode seize the assets and do a JV with an efficient company ... they still need gas for that pipeline don't they

    MB will NOT tell CTP to go jump they still have millions of $$ invested there as a senior debt no doubt , what they CAN do is be more strict on repayments and invite CTP into the sea of VERY hungry sharks , like the financiers for CDU and MOY and wait for trouble to arrive with MB holding the senior secured debt ( first bite at the feast )

    remember that pipeline has real potential , and MB can bundle that pipeline into a trust .. like Mac Atlas and make heaps out of that in 5 or more ways

    and IMO that is were MB fumbled in the take-over give the share-holders 20c AND and a share in the pipeline , that would have been a good deal for a real investor , in hindsight

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    Good post Salvation but.....................there is a big but here. Just look again at what I wrote above and re-post it here once more.

    ""((Why was it that the company, (with the help of McBank of course which allowed it to happen), thought that it better changed the status of current liabilities to some long term liabilities sooner rather than later.??))""

    And there lies the REAL BIG THING/ISSUE/PROBLEM......

  4. 69.8k

    MB has a reputation overseas rivaling Goldman Sachs

    so the fair way to assess the partnership is ... can MB make money out of this

    the Santos JV was a whole different sort of partnership ( can WE make money out of this )

    i think MB can spin a winner out of the pipeline permits and any other profits are a bonus

    when you see MB decided to exit SYD you can see they will exit happily before the axe falls and buy the corpse later if at a bargain price

    MB is STILL a big bank it just swims in different waters to CBA , NAB , etc , it chews on major corporations not so many home-buyers

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    And if one will play the cards well as he/she should, there is money to be made by buying their shares for a short time and make some handsome profits. I just found that out myself over the last couple months or so. I am not a ST Trader but I am recovering some of my losses made from investing in some of these two bobs and penny dreadful companies which are specialists in drilling the shareholders pockets.

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    ""(Bloody criminal, IMO, that CTP exploration and investor enhancement has not happened for benefit of owners of the company.)""


    In the meantime, while many BOD's are acting upon the reduction of their own salaries including the ones for CEO's and Management what is CTP doing.??

    Let's wait and see what there will be included in the next lots of resolution coming up for a vote at the next AGM.

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    Still no one has made an attempt to offer an answer to this very important question.

    ""(Why was it that the company, (with the help of McBank of course which allowed it to happen), thought that it better changed the status of current liabilities to some long term liabilities sooner rather than later.??))""

    Anyone out there.???

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    NORMALLY such a change means lower interest rates charged , but since CTP chose this , it smells to me like a forbearance rather than a proper refinance deal which might have extended the maturity date beyond 2022

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    Hey Salvation you stay out of the MNS threads and I’ll stay out of yours.

  10. 3.0k

    Tell the moron where to go, Sal.
    Anyone would think this forum is put here for you only.
    Or for you and your perverted smut.
    Why don't you just stay out of everything?

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    Hugh you had to come here as well. Ok. See you more often then.

  12. 426

    When did you own these threads Hugh you fuckwit.
    We are going to follow you wherever you go you self righteous hypocrite.

    I mean what sort of a fuckwit posts in excess of 1000 times on a stock he does not own?
    You are A Grade Prime Psychopath

  13. 3.0k

    And what are you "Rich Matt?
    Certainly not as rich as you were before you "invested" in MNS.

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  14. 426

    What level of psychopath are we dealing with here.

    In excess of 1000 posts on a stock he does not

    Its ok Huey we know you are a failure in everyday life

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    Don’t you know? Hugh won’t name the stocks he has bought as Cabbie ripped him new one on every one he posted. Now he does not buy them but adds then to his watch list instead so he does not feel as bad when they go the other way. Hugh Mingus, one of life’s greatest losers.

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    I'll do what you do then Mondrian, and buy MNS shares and average down. It is going to $20 isn't it?
    Or is that only what your dopey dick headed demented mate drongo mongo thinks?

  17. 1.6k

    Don't for get they are all most in the ASX 200.

  18. 426

    Don't get emotional Huey at least make a prediction you can lay your reputation on moving forward.

    NL believes MNS is moving north, be a man and give us a stock to follow from today you believe is a better investment

    Surely not too hard a request.
    It is an Investment forum afterall.

    ** Notice we ignore you Pilots.

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    Who’s pilots 🤣

  20. 3.0k

    Normally I'd be happy to but far too many scumbags twist things I say. Either that or lie like pigs in mud.
    BTW you are one of those scumbags.
    How come you chose the nic of Mondrian? Seems to me you copied from that poster on HC that makes the right calls on MNS while you get them all wrong.

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