March quarterly highlights

  1. 442

    So yes we hold MNS and believe in its prospects moving forward. Why do you troll the MNS thread??

    4 long years you have trolled and you have been asked hundreds of times to leave.
    You clearly have a screw loose.

    You can't even provide an alternative investment ticker code

  2. 1.4k

    Hugh see how you are ruining for everyone else. Now tonight you have for emotional a few times. Hugh you know what happened last time. You ended up in the nut house. Let’s not go there again.

  3. 1.6k

    Interesting the Smutt team is on the CTP thread, CTP is nothing like the two Dogs that the Smutt team have been burnt on, CTP do have a pipe line, they have some who will come up with money when needed, sure CTP is a Dog, but int not in the same league as MNS/AUL, CTP will live for a few more years, the other two will not.

  4. 1.4k

    So you like doing two dogs at the same time do you Pilots? You are one sick puppy.

  5. 3.0k

    Nobody is as sick and perverted as you, GS Plenty.

  6. 1.4k

    Let your inner child out Hugh. Pilots will push it back in

  7. 2.2k

    Salvation et all,

    Just to clarify what I was telling you before about changing the status of Current Liabilities into NON Current Liabilities or Long term Liabilities, read below and then tell me:

    ""Technically, the legal tests for when a company becomes insolvent are: It has insufficient cash pay its debts as and when they fall due, or. When the company´s current (or short-term) liabilities exceed its current assets, or. ... The best test is when cash or access to cash doesn't cover debts as they are payable.""

    Now does that answer your opinion or does it needs further clarifications.??

    Did the short term liabilities ("debts as and when they fall due") exceeded the cash available on hand at the time.??

    What does that tell you.??

    I rest my case and I suggest that everyone here should do their own research.

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  8. 2.2k

    With all due respect my friends, you came into these threads for a simple reason and to prove a point about a particular poster.

    Now, you have proven it and made your point very clear.

    Can I please now ask you to go back to your MNS threads or whatever else that company is called and leave us to discuss the good and bad things about CTP.??

    I don't own shares in MNS and I don't post there nor do I want to post there either.

    Many thanks in anticipation gentlemen and enjoy the day. Most importantly live and let live. Life is too short.

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