New Prediction: 6c by June 2020

  1. 2.2k

    ""(who knew that it could walk out of a RC smelling like a rose ( and most of the rest had a bad smell )""

    That to me still remains a very big mystery.................................Go FIGURE.!!

    I wonder if the RC's powers were extended far enough to include them as well. You know......................THE TERMS OF REFERENCE....

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  2. 2.2k

    Has anyone found out as yet at what prices our BOD's is selling our gas for.??

    Has anyone pulled that dusty old calculator out of the bottom drawer as yet.??

    Shock horror my friends.

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  3. 2.6k

    "Now, who were the ones starting the CTPSA.??"

    Looks like they were also fooled in allowing Cottee to take over CTP, just like the majority of voters, thinking the "messiah' would strike twice, like QGC.

    We were all deceived.

  4. 14.8k

    The messiah was a one trick pony only.

  5. 1.8k

    Buddy is right on the money with his posts and others getting closer!

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  6. 1.8k

    Yes Rawali... all the trusting shareholders were all deceived...

  7. 7.2k

    wow ... 0.13
    Has anyone worked out how many hours they've spent composing & typing stock market forum posts about Cottee & CTP? What's the hourly rate for doing that ... LOL 0.00001 cents per hour?
    And the share price is 0.13 ...mmm?

    What happened to all those fracking gas holes in Northern Territory? They still can't make a dollar ... oh dear, you know there's money to be made on stocks? Elsewhere.

  8. 2.2k

    ""(12 February 2020
    Macquarie Financing Extension Unconditional
    Central Petroleum Limited (ASX:CTP) (“Company”) refers to its ASX Announcement dated
    10 February 2020 (“Extension of Existing Finance Facilities”) and announces the extension
    of the Macquarie finance facility has become unconditional following conditions precedent
    being met. )""

    Now now, what are the conditions precedent being met.??

    That is the $64million dollars question.

    How about it Mr. C.S. #2.??

  9. 71.5k

    will since MB has given a short extension ( apparently a year ) sometime recently ( that i don't remember being informed about ... until the extension was granted )

    am getting a little hazy in my old old age ... but is that good governance ???

    of course a curious person might ask how much is outstanding ( hopefully less than $8 million ) and how much is the interest rate

    but all that might be a 'commercial secret ' in an era of 'growing transparency '

  10. 2.2k

    ""(We were all deceived.)""

    It happens a lot. Especially with the penny dreadfuls.

    Yet again, let me remind you that there are times in the life of investing that someone will start removing the blinkers and rosed coloured glasses handed out for free and start thinking rationally and not just discarding the opinion of someone which might have ideas contrary of their own views.

    More times than not these people with contrarian views have been burnt badly themselves and wanted to share their experiences they had in the past and even been experts in these field more than willing to try and show the light to someone blinded by the suns which is shining in someone derriere.

    There is someone in the other forum which shows is an expert and more than likely has a real method in his madness. Just be careful of these people and think of the old saying. ""Be careful of Greek bearing gifts"". With that I don't meant anything about Greeks and this poster being a Greek but I am sure you know what I mean.

    T4P and many others around the traps and in CTP are typical example of that. How many of them are still around today.??

    I rest my case.

  11. 2.2k

    Marcus, if I got that one right, (That is what is shown on the ASX). currently CTP is sitting at 12 cents.

    And here I thought that it was at 12.5 cents.

    ""Central Petroleum Limited

    ASX: CTP
    0.12 AUD −0.0050 (3.85%)

    12 Feb, 4:10 pm AEDT · Disclaimer""

  12. 2.2k

    The point is Salvation, that they aren't telling us what the conditions precedents are.

    And that is a fact.

    Go tell that to the rampers on the other side of the fence.

  13. 1.8k

    We were 2 inches away from Mac putting us into administration because the directors failed to refinance and pay off the huge final ballon payment due in Sept. No reputable finance company wants to refinance our debt. Mac had our directors by the balls and the deal extension must have been on brutal terms to the shareholders of CTP which terms are being withheld by Directors simply using a confidentiality clause.

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  14. 14.3k

    Mac love ctp

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