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    Just write to someone with power telling them what is going on and you will soon find out that you will be marked as a whinger. Period.!

    And then if they are to approach the CPSA you will soon find out that they will also say that no one is whinging but just a few with some very small holdings.

    IMO CPSA should not exist and deregistered as they are conflicted in what they are doing. As I sad before who is paying the CPSA for they work and troubles.?? One of them, if not two of them, was/were the ones which did the biggest triple backwards somersault during those famous two meetings held in Perth in 2012. And that is a fact as I was there witnessing it and questioned them about it.

    I Rest my case.

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    “In closing T4um, why d you think that when Mr. No Comments was pushed out by NXS he said that if the company was going after him he was immediately leaving for overseas.??”

    Yes Buddy he said that to let them know it’s going to be harder to get him especially overseas and he likely has no assets in his name. It’s a pretty gutless thing to say publicly. There are other ways to make it known but he wanted everyone to know for a reason... Not having assets in your name tells shareholders they are wasting money going after him. But that shouldn’t stop the Board from pursuing litigation with media to get him prosecuted. End of career, family and publicly disgraced. That how you get the badta’ds....
    From my experience, Mr No Comment is just one of many lawyers who think they are above the law just because they are crooked. But when you get them with a personality disorder, psychotic, believe they are more than who they are, and bullies (as lawyers love using bully tactics anyhow) they are usually no more than froth and drool to try to scare you. These same people are cowards and have low IQ and you can beat them by hitting them twice as hard as they hit you every time.

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    Yes Buddy totally agree on what you said about CPSA

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    I haven’t been following MPO Buddy but I will have a look.

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    ""(If the BOD do not want a director in there they should immediately call for an EGM getting the shareholders to either vote for or against his sacking. When that happens, his records will them be marked for ever and a day.)""

    And to clear thus issue a little more, this director should not be allowed to resign when he finds out if the votes are going to go against him or not. HE SHOULD ME MADE TO FACE THE MUSIC, NOT COWARDLY ALLOWED TO WALK AWAY BY RESIGNING HIS SEAT AND MOVE SOMEWHER ELSE WHERE HE/SHE COULD START THE SAME THING AGAIN.

    The point is that we are talking about Directors and they will never ever fight against each other knowing that it could be them the next on the block.

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    ""(Yes Buddy he said that to let them know it’s going to be harder to get him especially overseas and he likely has no assets in his name. It’s a pretty gutless thing to say publicly.)""

    Hallelujah T4ume. You are finally agreeing with me and seeing the light.

    Hence why what you were telling us before about getting the Directors to cough up was a useless exercise and why I directed you to see what is happening with MPO where it appears that something criminal could have occurred and the current BOD's there are going after their Insurance......................NOT THEM..

    The only way is for them to be charged and put in jail but it needs the Law to be changed by our Pollies and an ASIC with big balls......................As such, it is never going to happen.

    I would laugh and be extremely happy though if the spouses or partners of those people would divorce them and, as they have nothing but everything in their spouses names, walk away with everything.

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    T4ume, I do agree 100% with the last paragraph of your post though.

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    Yes T4ume, just let me know when you had a good look at it. (MPO that is).

    Shock horror, especially for the poor unsuspecting shareholders.

    And where are the Directors to cause all of that today.??

    I know that at least one of them is in the UK or somewhere else where he can't be touched. And if I am right, where is the other one which received all of those millions and millions of dollars for selling us an extremely hot potato today.??

    Most importantly, where is the Police installed to keep an eye in these things and stop them from happening or prosecute them.?? (ASIC THAT IS.......................................NO WHERE TO BE SEEN.................PERIOD.!!

    I wonder if the big chief there is still too busy looking under the desk of his personal secretary/assistant.

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    A while ago, I have heard that the UK are seriously considering stopping directors from accessing their money if something is pending. Is it true and if so, is it going to be legislated.

    Yet again if this is going to happen there is a long list of other places where people can move to and shift their money there.

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    What deceitful we have seen from the time JH was removed. Many of the directors should be jailed for their deceptions. Now little Leon jumps to the top of the list of current directors that should be punished with the likes of Mr No Comment. Another loser of lies and deceit. The share price from here just continues to drop especially with no return to Dukas. This will create an opportunity to fix everything...

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    Where is Mr No Comment these days? Did he actually run back to UK to hide out? He is a non executive at EXR as a result of organising some small funding for it. His shoe shine has surely tarnished by the looks of it in Australia.

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    If anyone knows where Mr No Comment is would you please let me know?

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    ""(They should T4ume, yes they should, but, will they.??

    Chances of that happening are zero. And they will remain so until our dearly beloved Politicians will decide that they will have to do something about and change the Laws.)""

    One example which quickly comes to mind is about the CBA and what came out from the Royal Commission. Has the CEO (The previous one) been made to pay back any of the money he earned while in control of that shemozzle or should I say the blind robbery which was going on even charging dead people, under his control.??

    Has anyone running AMP with all the scandals coming out been made to face the music in Court and made to pay back any of the money they earned.

    No mate. NOTHING. Dream again....................They are keeping the whole lot and enjoying it while some poor bastards have been sent to the wall and even been evicted from their own homes and/or forced to live on the streets.

    In the meantime, where these directors moved to.???? I another Boardroom of course, and enjoy more of that free money.

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    For most of them T4ume et all, it is all/just in a days work. And they couldn't care less while frequenting those clubs where none of us are allowed to enter.

    Like water on a lame duck's back. PERIOD.!!

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    It seems to me that the only places he can get into as a Director is only with some very small penny dreadful.. That's all.

    Why, if he is so good, doesn't he get an invitation to join Board of some billion dollars companies where they even pay dividends to their investors.??

    Simple isn't it.??
    Even Blind Freddie could see it IMO.

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    Who were the ones which brought Mr. No Comments AKA the Messiah in at the time to save the supposedly sinking ship of CTP while it was run by the previous Board and Management.??

    All of the three of them should have entertain the idea of joining the Circus with their expertize they have shown and demonstrated in doing triple backward somersaults let me tell you, not the sharemarket.

    Three (3) yes 3 of them quickly comes to mind and guess what......just ask the CPSA who two of them are. Perhaps they know the answer.

    The most stupid and most incomprehensible part about it all IMO, was that JH decided that it was better to re-join forces once again with one of them known to be the Bush Lawyer, in trying to overthrow the Board when that Sect.249D was floating around. Bad mistake mate ............REAL BAD.!!!

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    Unfortunately Buddy there are too many inexperienced players here from the directors of CTP to the people who tried to remove them (except for JH of course). If JH was not wrongfully removed and if the CPSA didn’t help remove him and if he was allowed to have continued on exploring like he did ...then we would not have these old depleted gas fields with a huge debt and directors padding their wallets continuously with no respect for shareholders and always trying to steal the company away from us ....but instead likely several newly discovered sub salt multi Tcf gas fields and a share price about $1-$2. But here we are and it all started from the old chairman ....

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    The words of the old Chairman can you smell that...it smells like money ...is where it all started and since then they removed the only Director who was on the side of the shareholders...JH got sfa options and never cheated the company or its shareholders. All we have seen since they removed him is everyone going for positions to suck up company revenues and either sitting on their backsides or out there actively organising a TO...NOT in the best interests of shareholders but just for personal gain. Am I right Rex and Little Leon? Scumbags...

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    ###...it smells like money ###

    Go back and look at that video again, you will see that from day one Surprise was going to be non commercial because of the high water content.

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    16.5c and going to what soon?
    13c of course as Range was BS and Dukas they hide testing info from us and maybe a year or so before we go back and re enter hole. They got their options on the BS Range report and now they will just organize Mac to sell out their stake in Mereenie to them for so many shares in CTP that they will effectively own it and run it. Then our directors stuff their pockets full of the money from our bank accounts with blessing of Mac and they resign and go wherever Mr No Comment is hiding out. Then Mac just wait till share price hits 5c and offers 8c for the remaining shares it don’t own. Once the directors buy the Mac share of Mereenie it’s all over for the shareholders unless of course they vote No!!! Question is...how many shares do Mac indirectly own that we are not aware of and how many other shareholders will vote NO?

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