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    How would you react if you discovered the chief executive of a company had his wages garnished for non-payment of child support?

    Why am I asking this question? According to my sources inside Central Petroleum, the payroll department has been served with an order from the Child Support Agency, to garnish the wages of the Chief Executive Officer. The Chief Executive Officer makes a substantial salary and yet has refused to pay child support to the point in which the Child Support Agency has no other choice but issue and order to take a portion of his wages directly from his monthly salary.

    Does anyone else have a problem with this?

    Is the Corporate Secretary aware of this?

    Is the Board of Directors aware of this?

    The chief executive of any company has multiple obligations. An obligation to carry out the duties of that role. An obligation follow and comply with laws, regulations, and court orders. An obligation to act in the best interests of the shareholders. An obligation not act in a way that casts the company in a bad light.

    In light of this information, does anyone believe the CEO of Central Petroleum is fulfilling these obligations?

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    from hc, after another reasonable announcement, par for the course for this company, CTP;

    "As I said before.... no surprises for me mate.

    This is par for the course with CTP.

    She just barely keeps her head above water, just enough to keep the directors in the money. (absolutely but sadly correct)

    Trouble with CTP, it is all about speculation with no exploration results of any significance.

    Santos cottoned on ages ago. Sad but true. Every time I see a so called ‘positive’ Ann. I cringe as I know the SP will retreat. Look at the history. It’s all there."

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    "One thing which does irritate me is how much LD makes regardless of performance or how the share price is going. Corrct me if i am wrong but its upwards of $700K, big $ in my opinion when as previous posters have said much of the plan has been in place for sometime. I am not saying he's the wrong guy or even doing a terrible job just surprised other shareholders are not too annoyed.

    I think it is time to get things moving up the game ! I want some real discussions about what really is happening at the offices to return $ to shareholders.

    Bring the timeframe forward people work at a frantic pace, put the farm-in partner make a decision if its a no go find and work on plan B as I would expect a MD on that kinda $ would have a plan B.

    More than that what has LD got to say about the share price market value ? Are the assets being used in the best interests of shareholder returns.

    that many staff and that big a turnover I would have thought would be a $200 - $250K job with bonues related to the share price or market CAP.

    8 paid hours in a day what really goes on at CTP ....waiting for the tea trolley ?

    There is plenty of CEO / MD movement at the moment. Time for LD to make some promise, tell us why he's the man, give it a go if you don't succeed at least we aren't asking this question in 3 years time with a .8c share price less gas and no future.

    The opportunity is there, the story sounds it not?

    What do Wallin / Driscoll ( top 20 shareholders think ) and old mate at Trojan think of the current SP / market cap ? Most of the top 20 have been on the top 20 as long as I have been a shareholder.

    Buy still but increasingly bored & frustrated will Hold for a bit longer ( seen oil price move up and down so many times ) "

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    not happy over at hc, ... took them a long while to start questioning the boys club and gorillas;

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    not a huge fan-club left here either

    ( just pointing out the obvious )

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    only you and I , Sal, it seems, ... too far down to get out of CTP.

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    The Gorillas have been controlling company since 2012.

    What a fn joke.

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    i hope some of the long term holders got out

    i bailed out of IPL in January 2015 @ $3.30 on news IPL was starting to have dealings with CTP (IPL currently $2.40 , 6 years later )

    have they lived up to the JV expectations yet

    (sometimes watching other shares you don't hold saves you some pain as well )

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    I first "invested" in CTP in 2008, and everything was going OK til 2012.
    My wife and I even attended Cottee's "meet and greet" in Melbourne.
    Still down about $80,000.

  10. 83.9k

    that is a BIG down , and sadly not much of a glimmer of light at the top

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    The only way SP will increase, is if something like Dukas was to be finished, or gorillas pissed off, or a Twiggy Forrest takes over or all happens.

    Aholes living the dream on our monies, bloody criminal.

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    Kerry Stokes has an interest in BPT , while WES is looking about to expand their portfolio

    but will CTP share-holders get anything but a pittance

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    while ever mb is part of ctp, no other company will come looking at ctp.

    In actual fact, mb and sto are like an insurance policy for those running the show, IMO.

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    will depend on how quickly they can repay the debt , interest rates won't stay low forever

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    also, as prato has suggested long ago, a dividend would help the market reappraise CTP., plus give a little back to the share holders.

  16. 83.9k

    good luck on that

    CTP is spending too much on departing directors


    Market Capitalisation
    P/E Ratio
    PE Growth
    Debt to Equity
    Price to Book
    5 Year Beta
    Margin Lending LVR

    maybe next AGM a share-holder might ask if the D/E ratio is accurtate ( and if so how the hell do you get yourself into that sort of debt ?? )

    over 4000% ..... HOLY SH*T

  17. 3.4k

    Yes, the whole show is just to feather the nests of those employed and mb.

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    Oh dear it has been a number of years since I last put my head into these threads to see what the general sentiment was and it would seem that sentiment for anyone having invested in this company is still very much the same, in the dumps.

    Dear long-term suffering shareholders lock in your losses and move forward, they are significant opportunities in the ASX apart from this dead donkey.

    I do raised eyebrow with one of the most recent post As well articulated by rayoflight22. I find it very interesting that the company was alleged to have been served with this notice of intention to garnish wages from someone who is in a senior management position representing an organisation and its suffering shareholders. Regardless this has now put a black stain on the name of central petroleum and in light of this information there should be some interest from the company to seek a greater understanding of who this individual is if allegations are true.

    Dear long-term, long-suffering shareholders, cut your losses there is hundreds and thousands of dollars to be made in the stock market, don’t have it locked up in a dead horse, you do yourself no favours in fattening up your wallets keep your head between your legs and hope of miracles.

    It is sad to see both on this site and the other the same people clinging onto a wing and a prayer. Remove the emotions associated with the loss of your money locked up in this company sell and move on to something more profitable.

    But, but, but You never know if this guy hits seven cents and they load up with a number of million shares and initiate as I previously have a vote of no confidence for the power of the top 20 shareholder. Activism is a wonderful thing if it is done correctly and for appropriate change, don’t bet against me doing it.

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