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    If we don’t talk about it, it might go away?????.

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    not if i can help it ( wink )

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    ....Dukas is the trigger....

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    Buddy, I do not know why other share holders have not got onto CTP about their poor communications and reporting.
    These managers and BOD seem to be able to do what they want in their own interests and continue to treat share holders as a necessary nuisance noise in the back ground.
    They also seem to have forgotten their failed SoA outcome and have not changed their attitude towards share holders, and no one is making them more accountable.
    Just as your post shows, there are many other companies reporting fantastically to their share holders, contrary to how CTP leaves many unanswered questions with their announcements.
    From when Cottee took over, ... his supposed under promise and over delivery tactic, was IMO, complete BS, as it was only to be able to do their mates rates deals behind the scenes with who knows what other provisos and agreements put in place.

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    That is the reason that their sp has skyrocketed and when some financial institutions were more than willing to give them money.

    Amazing what some good releases to the market can do and what the market will do the share price of a company like ours with it's Secret Society attitude and treating its' investors like the mushrooms...kept in the dark and fed an extremely small amount of bullshit every now and again to try keep them happy. (SOME OF THEM ARE, BUT NOT ALL OF THEM).

    Once again..................... IS THERE A METHOD IN SOMEONE'S MADNESS.???

    Well only time will tell, but one thing is very clear now, and that is that I started saying so as soon as the Messiah, now defined as Mr. No Comments, has joined our company.

    And guess what happens.

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    That is another thing that they won't tell us Salvation. But some of us knows what is going on, and I wonder as to why the prolific poster is not sharing it with us.

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    Two things Rawali.

    1) You are dead right in saying what you are. And,
    2) The usual attitude of many Aussies mate........................She'' be right mate.

    And that is how these people sitting on Boards are allowed to continue doing what they are.

    Oh and one more thing Rawali.....Both the ASX and ASIC couldn't give a hoot at what happens to the Mums and Dads shareholders especially when the ASX is conflicted in their daily duties with the running of the ASX and having to run their own listed company making money for their shareholders, and then we have the Government that couldn't care less either because they are too busy travelling on that gravy train.

    Look at what they have allowed to go on for years and years with the big banks and some of the Super Funds while the poor customers were being blatantly ribbed and where the executives were getting huge rewards for doing it, and then tell me.

    Has any of them gone to jail for what they did even though there were some recommendation that they should be thoroughly investigated.?

    I rest my case.

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    ""#....Dukas is the trigger....#""

    Trigger of what.

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    To put it another way....A campaign to change this Board. This is my version of chess...timing mate

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    Dukas, ????

    1 year away from any more action in that regard, allowing CTP to maintain the status quo, their incomes, their ability to wheel and deal with MB, others and STO behind the scenes, with no real value appreciated for share holders, & still being run as a private business.
    We needed the slate swept clean after the failed SoA, but didn't happen and a pity it couldn't be arranged now, .... even though LD seems to be doing a reasonable job, except he still seems to be more looking after everyone except share holders.
    He should be getting stuck into Santos and demanding answers or tell them to *uck off, if he was 100% fairdinkum.
    Get this company into top gear not idling along in neutral.

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    That’s what I read on other site but it may just be a guess. However the poster indicated no rig in Australia to handle very high pressures and have to source from overseas. It could be true and would fit perfectly with the director narrative to get a TO or let Mac get effective control before they go back to Dukas. Little Leone is just a front for Mr No Comment and using smoke and mirrors again on us as we have seen since Mr No Comment popped up

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    There are serious games being played here by these directors to short change us again just like last TO and the top 2 directors running it were big supporters and friends of Mr No Comment

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    What ever happened to Harry ? Sell out?

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    If he gets his money back he should take it and Run...

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    After all these directors said and did to the shareholders it would be incredible if anyone just started now to believe what they are saying....
    You can write a thriller of a novel of deception with what the directors did to the shareholders since JH was removed and conclude everybody lost because of them...

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    ...well except for those at the top on a pay Cheque that is...

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    No rig in Australia to handle the PSI, BULL DUST, 100% bull dust.

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    Pilots, where would a rig suitable for Dukas be available ? (15,000 psi)
    Do you know, if so, enlighten us all and maybe CTP.

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    The rig they have is AOK, all they need it to upgrade the BOP, and the Choke manifold, no big deal, games ARE being played here.

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    Why cannot Santos do similar to this at Dukas ?
    Easternwell's Rig 106, how much pressure can this one take ?

    Gas well focuses attention on Perth basin
    Derek Rose
    Wednesday, 4 September 2019 8:47 am
    Recent gas discoveries in the Perth basin has the industry excited once again about the region

    Flow tests from the deepest oil well ever drilled in Australia are expected within days, but it has already refocused attention on the oil and gas industry in the Perth basin.

    The West Erregulla-2 well 230km north of Perth last month found what Strike Energy managing director Stuart Nicholls has called a "staggering" gas discovery about 4.7km deep in the Kingia sandstone.

    The drill has now hit its other primary target, the High Cliff sandstone, and on Monday had reached a depth of 5,017 metres, with just another roughly 185m left to drill.

    "We believe we have a real world-class resource, and we believe that will be confirmed very shortly," said Dennis Donald, the managing director of Warrego Energy, Strike's partner in the joint venture.

    "It's pretty damn exciting."

    The well 50km southeast of Dongara is being drilled by Easternwell's Rig 106, one of the most powerful onshore rigs in Australia.

    The well is 16km from the Waitsia gas field discovered in 2014, Australia's largest onshore conventional gas discovery in 40 years.

    That find led to a $602 million takeover last year of operator AWE Limited by Japanese conglomerate Mitsui, which is commercialising the gas field.

    Beach Energy also ended up buying AWE's partner in the joint venture, Lattice Energy, from Origin Energy for $1.6 billion.

    EnergyQuest chief executive Graeme Bethune said that discovery revitalised interest in the Perth basin, which spans 172,000 sq km across WA.

    While discoveries had been made there in the 1960s and 1970s, interestin the 1980s shifted north to the Carnarvon Basin, where the mammoth $25 billion offshore North West Shelf Venture is located.

    The unexpected Waitsia find "really opened people's eyes in the basin," said Ian Smith, managing director of Norwest Energy, which holds a stake in an exploration permit north of West Erregulla.

    But until now, the question had been whether Waitsia was an anomaly or there was more gas locked deep under the earth in the Perth basin, at depths previously thought unfathomable, Mr Smith said.

    Norwest's partner Mineral Resources had already planned to drill next year but the Strike/Warrego find "has derisked our prospects to some extent," Mr Smith said.

    "We're very excited."

    As are investors, who more doubled Norwest's share price in August.

    "There have been a bit of feeding frenzy in the market," Mr Smith said.

    Shares in Key Petroleum, which also holds permits in the area, had a 181 per cent share price increase in August.

    The discovery "validates our strategy, it certainly validates our geological model," said Key Petroleum managing director Kane Marshall.

    Still there are challenges.

    Mr Bethune called West Erregulla a "good discovery" but said the price of natural gas on Australia's west coast is so low that the companies may have trouble commercialising the resource.

    "I'm sure they will, it'll just be a matter of time," he said.

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