1. 1.8k

    Make this trade and you will quadruple your money within 12 months. This is the day to do it !

  2. 1.8k

    The stars are aligned for a buy in WGO who has a 50% interest in a recent Perth Basin 1 Trillion cubic feet gas discovery and on its own with further drilling this year will be back to about 40-50c and is absolutely ripe for a takeover at above this price...

  3. 1.8k

    This is your last chance to get out of this dog CT&P and recoup your money on a recent major gas discovery in WA at these prices

  4. 1.8k

    Good luck to the smart investors ....

  5. 1.8k

    ...and for the rest of the shareholders...well...

  6. 2.2k

    Well mate, glad no one followed your advise because, just on today you would be down about 30% on your WGO.

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  7. 1.6k

    Looking at WGO last few trades I would say some one wants out.

  8. 1.8k

    It’s called a buying opportunity dummy just like Oil search !!!
    What it means for CT&P is Mac calling in the debt as per weasel clauses in their confidential agreements that shareholders (ie the Owners of the Company) are prevented from knowing....

  9. 2.2k

    Well I wish you good luck truth.

    Did it happen that you looked at the current prices of crude and gas.??

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