1. 2.2k

    This is what Simply Wall Street is telling us about CTP.

    Link below:


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  2. 83.9k

    was that analysis made BEFORE the oil price drop ???

    i think it was

  3. 2.2k

    If it was, then it could be even worse.

    Dear oh me..............where are the baseless rampers and dreamers now.??

  4. 1.6k

    Where is that ramper who saw the well flowing 500Barriels a day when in FACT the well WAS closed in.

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  5. 2.2k

    Good one mate. Yet again you must understand that is suffering real badly with all the money he has invested in this dog and I do feel for him although he took a few swipes at me in the past for not agreeing with his posts and what he was telling us.

    He keep on telling us and the Board via his not so numerous posts anymore, that CTP should pay his investors a half a cent per share dividends. What he doesn't think or say is that with the current Board and the CEO, shareholders are or might be the last thing on their minds. They might very well think that they are the number ones on the list, and that is all that matters and, based on what has happened thus far, that could be right too. WHO KNOWS.........................NOT ME ANYWAY.!!

    All I know is that they have shut all the doors and hatches and the rest is anyone's guess.

    They have released the quarterly telling us that they have more cash than the last quarter but what many might have failed to realise, is as to where that cash came from.

    DYOR on that and then come back to me.

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  6. 2.2k

    IMHO, I believe that many of the ones facing huge losses on their hard earned money invested in this dog, failed simply because they were concentrating on reading just one side of the story painting rosed coloured pictures of what wasn't actually there.

    That is where they went wrong simply because they failed to read what some contrarians were saying (Which most probably learnt the hard way themselves), and listening to a Messiah which IMO had/has the biggest gift of the gab around).

    And don't forget the rampers, or yes the rampers and the BushLawyer telling me that within 6 months of Cottee taking over the rains of these dog our shares were going to be worth at least $2 per each.

    But where are they all today.???...............................................SILENCE OF COURSE..................SILENCE, JUST THE SAME AS OUR COMPANY IS SPECIALISING ON.

    Have they moved somewhere else in trying to wildly promote another dog.??

  7. 1.6k

    Wonder who got the new Toyotas, AND!!!!!! wonder if any of them was Sahara's.
    Like I have posted many times, if you are on the inside the money just rolls in.

  8. 2.2k

    Yes, I am wondering who is actually driving them now.

    Surely the God, now that the Oil from Surprise is not flowing they couldn't be there still...could they.??

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