This is why I post.

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  1. 6.1k

    ###Pilot old boy
    I will leave with a few million dollars
    So I can wait another 18 months###
    This is the reason I post, all I want is for the new punters that read bull dust like above is to see the other side of this sorry story, we can do nothing for the long term holders, they have lost what they have invested, strange how some of the rampers are telling us, I am ahead, IF! and I say IF!, they are ahead now, I am betting they wished they had sold out years ago, look how far they would be ahead today.
    Good morning to all who have me on ignore.

  2. 4.0k

    ""(Good morning to all who have me on ignore.)""

    Does it mean that you are not wishing me a good morning because I haven't got you on ignore.?? Hahahaha.

    As for the rest of your post, well there is nothing much to say barring that I fully agree with you.

    You ain't seen nothing yet. Take my word on that.

    In the meantime, a little bit of eucaliptus or lavender oil and a small massage here and there will do wonders to get us all ready for what's to come.

    Was there a method in someone's madness.??

    Well after 4 and 1/2 years under the control of someone it appears to be that way. Just dyor!!


  3. 4.0k

    Wake me up at $8 and of course the at least $2 per share within 6 months of RC taking the helm of the sinking ship. I still remember that part very clearly too.

  4. 6.1k

    As the Gov said they have been court, bent over with the pants down around the ankles, AND the holders WILL have to pay for the ky jelly, Merry Xmas to all, Mark you as well.
    B134 GOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  5. 297

    Pilots change the tune tell us a yarn on your camp cook days while we wait for the goose to lay a golden egg

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  6. 6.1k

    Mate you are not going to get any golden egg, goose poo, yes.

  7. 7.5k

    This thing has been rising nicely. Could be a good year coming up

  8. 4.0k

    And a very good morning and some very happy times during these festivities to you too Pilot, ET ALL.

    I am sure that RC will have some good times too now.

    We will all soon find out if we are going to have some good time with CTP after we all come back to work.

    As for me, there are no times off work because, when you own YOUR OWN BUSINESSES, you have to work if and when required.

    As for CTP and Big Mac we will soon find out what the result of it all will be. We have already been told that STO has sold out to Big Mac and we will now have to find out what Big Mac will want or expect from us during this new JV partnership.

    Unless I have got it all wrong, it appears that Big Mac even owns the pipeline now, so.............

  9. 6.1k

    Once Big Mac have control of the pipe lines they then ARE sure of making money, AND the poor suckers who need the said pipe line WILL have to pay to use it.
    Sure looks to me like the mouth has been well and truely out smarted.

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  10. 62.1k

    take control of the pipelines , and either offload the energy resources or keep a captive ( minority holder ) operator would be right in the Mac playbook

    the best outcome is liable to be the pipelines go into a trust and are added to pension funds and the energy is traded via the commodities desks .

    time will tell .

    even though i hold MQG , i don't think i would like to play with them if i had a high debt exposure ( or large need of cash injections )

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  11. 6.1k

    From now on they will control how any thing that moves from PVally, or from Mereenie.

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  12. 4.0k

    ""(even though i hold MQG , i don't think i would like to play with them if i had a high debt exposure ( or large need of cash injections )""

    Me neither.

    Where is CTP going to get the large injection of cash that it desperately needs.??

    And if they will manage to get or better still conn someone to give them that money, what will MQG say about it all.??

  13. 3.3k

    More to the point buddy, if they got the cash, ouchhhhh what will happen to the share price, timberrrrrrr lol

  14. 4.0k

    ""(Once Big Mac have control of the pipe lines they then ARE sure of making money, AND the poor suckers who need the said pipe line WILL have to pay to use it.)""

    And for the life of me, I can't see Big Mac letting us use the pipeline at a discounted rate either. That could be one of the first nails in the coffin.

  15. 62.1k

    didn't MQG/MBL lend them extra cash when they bought the original toehold stake ?

    14 November 2016
    Receipt of proposal from Macquarie Group Limited
    Central Petroleum Limited (“Company” or “Central”)
    announces that it received on 10 November 2016 an unsolicited, indicative and non-binding proposal from Macquarie Group Limited (“Macquarie”) to acquire 100% of the issued capital of Central
    by way of a scheme of arrangement at 17.5 cents per share (“Proposal”).

    *** Macquarie is currently a shareholder of Central as well as the principal financier to Central. ***

    that last line implies they hold some paper (secured and/or convertible debt )

  16. 6.1k

    That allso implies that they have us by the two round things, NOW what will CTP do when they start to squeeze them?????????????????????????????????????.
    No ifs no buts, the mouth has been out smarted big time.

  17. 297

    If Mac do this they will be finished as an company of crooks

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  18. 62.1k

    Babcock and Brown triggers some memories

    any veterans reading today ????

    our glorious PM had a relationship with MQG/MBL awhile back ..... and look how forthright he is even on trivial issues like marriage equality .

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  19. 6.1k

    ###If Mac do this they will be finished as an company of crooks### Mate this WONT be the first company that has been run by crooks, the share holders don't care who is running a company just as long as the SP go's up every one is happy.
    Now if you was MQG what would you do????? I know I would be squeezing real hard if I could see $$$$$$$$$$ at the of the day.

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  20. 62.1k

    MQG can see a pipeline they can bundle into one their famous infrastructure funds ( get paid for risking client's money ).

    most of the millionaire's boasted about are staff (not small investors )

  21. 6.1k

    MQG will look at CTP as small change, CTP have not got a hope in hell of getting out of this, NO MATTER what CTP do, or want to do, in the future they will have to rely on MQG, CTP have been out smarted by a better player.
    Would not Surprise me to see the mouth take his bucket and spade and leave the sand pit.

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