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    and who was ultimately correct .. the mean-minded poster or the board of directors ( from memory those grumpy posters are still in front especially in oil/gas/energy companies

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    So true Rawali but neither the ASX nor ASIC, let alone that Shareholders Association which IMO was just in bed ad keeping warm with Cottee, did anything about stopping it.

    The quick leaving of Cottee that really got to me. Yet again I said many times before that someone had the biggest gift of the gab around and more than capable of selling sand to the Nomadic Arabs living in the Sahara desert, let along some poor unsuspecting shareholders.

    Just in case I missed it, can you tell me what that concocted Shareholders Association manage to do to benefit the Shareholders.?

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    I also remember telling you all about the old saying .... "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts".

    No offence to anyone but that part is very true and to the point about something which happened.

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    ""(Cottee supposedly wanting to do his best to get the $48 million of options in the money ?
    ... which did not happen.)""

    You should ask the famous Bush Lawyer, you know the one with a real method in his madness, about that part.

    Surprise surprise.

    The main thing is, did he loose his options when they expired worthless, or has he still got them and still valid.??

    Perhaps that is another question you should ask Leon.

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    Yep Salvation. You are correct.

    The point is that many shareholders in those companies have been forced to live on bread and butter while the leaders walked away with their saddlebags full of gold.

    Yep, that is some good Laws we have..........................NOT.!!

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    From the other side of the fence:

    ""(East West pipeline proposal which would have potentially been capable of carrying CTP Amadeus gas was blocked by W. A. government last week. Claim in ABC comment this morning by Business Editor Ian Verrender pipeline is under consideration is factually incorrect.)""

    Well there goes that famous disclaimer.... Go Figure.!

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    I was contacted by a now ex CTP employee after I posted that "looks like not much happening at their office", so they would all be aware of what people are saying, but mostly would brush it off as only peasants that know f. all.

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    Here's who should be running Central Petroleum, someone that not only looks after himself but the community and share holders;


    Where's our 2c dividend Leon, or any amount would do to show concern for long term CTP investors, and give the market reason to invest in this "privatised" company ?

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    Dividends you say.??

    Well mate I said many times before that dividends in this company are only a very distant dream for many many years to come.

    They have to make sure that they will keep themselves in a job, and well paid, before all of that MIGHT HAPPEN.!!

  10. 3.4k

    From HC , about October 2008;
    "Could someone just confirm/clarify this for me. This buyout by BG Group means they will own QGC 100 %...is that right?...as opposed to just buying out AGLs share as what was first assumed??"

    "If you do not accept the Offer and BG AUS acquires a relevant interest in at least 90 per cent of the QGC Shares, BG AUS intends to proceed to compulsorily acquire your QGC Shares. If this occurs, you will be paid the
    Offer consideration at the conclusion of the compulsory acquisition process"

    "offer is full and reasonable in the the current climate.

    There wont be another offer."

    Sounds very similar to Central and MB's SOA and privatisation attempt, .... and we won't get a better offer than the (cheapskate) 18c., .... like Justinmetals, etc.are still saying.

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