What We Were Not Told By Directors!

  1. 2.1k

    Yep that is the good old World of Corporation and all the crap and loopholes which goes along with it while it is all happening under the very noses of both the ASX and ASIC is well alive and kicking because no one is willing to use a silver bullet and put it rest once and for all.

    Walking with very thick stainless steelt underpants, while walking with their backs tight against a cement wall, quickly comes to mind.

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  2. 1.8k

    The best way to bring them down hard is with the media’s help strategically at the exact right time

  3. 2.1k

    With that on, I do agree with you 100%.

    It is only when the media gets involved that everyone within the companies bounds, the Regulators (IF WE ARE TO CALL THEM REGULATORS THAT IS), and some of the Politicians will wake up form their slumber and start putting those stainless steel underpants on and getting/moving closer and closer to that cement wall.

    But someone has to get the media involved first for, until then nothing will happen.

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