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  1. 8.1k

    Seems to be doing okay, but its share price just wobbles up and down. Pays astonishing dividends, fully franked quarterly with a yield of 9.2%, 100% stability. Just not much capital growth.

    Fairly low volumes even though it's in the all ords.

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  2. 82.9k

    was in this one but exited when CBA T/O the parent coy , and by the back-door this one ,which weird but a great stock before the CBA control , didn't trust the CBA to not break it up , so am out . :)

  3. 37

    I was actually thinking to email them some questions before investing about the CBA & where their cash is coming from... To me it kind of looks like a weird tax dodge or some sort of retirement fund for a few of these guys - I'm not even sure why this is a listed company?

    The presentation was a bit poor even for accountants from what I would expect from a company this size - either way it kind of felt to me that either way the bank aint going to lose their cash its just a question of how much they wanted to make out of it and how? - I do think their potential is good in terms of what they are doing - almost a kind of white label franchising for small financials but doesn't seem to have the will or vision to really grow SP or returns which is why I'm kind of wondering why this is a listed company and why the CBA own so much of it?

    I'm undecided - I'm sure this company will make a lot of money for someone/ the bank but not sure on the investor that's not in the loop..

    but still might email the questions...

  4. 8.1k

    It has gone from a low $1.20 to a high $1.78 over the last year, $1.73 yesterday, so there's been a little capital growth. The chart looks alright for a wait and see.

    I think it's the quarterly divs that keep it pumped up a bit. It's no sooner over one than the next is arriving. That's pretty good, income wise.

    Haven't dipped my toe into the water yet though. Might one day. Next turn upwards could be a good time.

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  5. 82.9k

    the original guy got bought out when the CBA bought Count Financial (then COU) (the owner held a very large share of CUP via COU) when CBA took over COU they also got about 60% of CUP (which they now seemed to have sold) -- now clear and transparent figures has never been this lot's strong point , however spitting out divs was(is) the figures apart from the divs never made sense to me but since the ASX aren't worried and they a fair div. i was there (jumped when CBA came in thinking they would rip its heart out --i seem to be incorrect), just found an ann CBA was 74% sold down to 47% (in round figures ) (dec. 2012)

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  6. 8.1k

    Good bit of reporting on this rather vague little company Sal.

  7. 82.9k

    about 16 groups of mainly accountants (franchised ?? and/or merged together i was just happy, they remembered the S/Hs (me included) and sent divs (bought around $1.25 and sold around $1.48 from memory and some nice divs in between ) so apart from CBA barging in was quite happy (and always slightly confused )

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  8. 37

    Thanks sal! this is very interesting I think I'll have to read up on this fella further & maybe shoot them some questions...

    I kind of still question if they are a ridgy-didge company interested in growing capital - just very conservative in how they are doing it or at some point some nasty market exposure gonna come back to haunt them.. there are a few legislative changes that I think would suit this kind of business as a bigger entity - or at least I guess just who hope is retiring off it lives a long time :)

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  9. 15.7k

    If it was a cup of the finest bourban then everyone would be wcrambling for it :D :D :D

  10. 37

    Interesting, maybe some people have drank enough and are now happy instead of hungry...

    Helly - I can't afford the good stuff I need sort out the the smalls to still build the empire!

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  11. 82.9k

    i agree in CUP's case i thought the elephant may have eaten it (otherwise i might have stayed in it ) ,at current SP there is still some good value but not many bargains .

  12. 8.1k

    "I need sort out the the smalls to still build the empire!"

    Me too

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  13. 8.1k

    Could be shaping up for a buy soon, but I'm still uneasy about it.

    Quarterly divs are an attraction though.

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  14. 82.9k

    must be the major holding by CBA , it was a great (but weird) coy. until CBA showed up . however others may find the major holder a comfort .i was certainly happy holder when i held them

  15. 82.9k

    since the CBA have adjusted down their holding , I suppose it can go back on the radar .

    (a tip for the comp. first , buy some maybe later .)

  16. 8.1k

    It's a 4 times a year div payer and have never missed one yet. SP has been slipping of late, now back to approx. Feb/Mar figures. Could mean a good time to get in?

  17. 82.9k

    I would guess the selling would mainly be the CBA slowly reducing their holdings . but now CBA is below 50% worth a re-think for me.

    I was confused (but happy) before

  18. 82.9k

    Sydney - Tuesday - November 12: (RWE Australian Business News) - Countplus Ltd (CUP) expected to achieve normalised earnings per share growth of "slightly under 10pc" in 2013/14, executive chairman Mr Barry Lambert told the annual meeting in Melbourne today.

    "However, due to a one-off (non-recurring) CBA loyalty payment due to be made in FY2014, we expect to achieve EPS growth of around 20pc in 2013/14," he noted.

    "The CUP dividend will remain at 3c fully franked, paid quarterly, and I am pleased to announce that our November dividend will be paid later this week and that we have today declared our second quarterly dividend of 3c payable on 14 February 2014," Mr Lambert said.


    CEO Mr Michael Spurr said, "Our group has a bright future ahead.

    "Our existing member firms should continue to generate stable organic growth by a combination of providing new services and utilising technology, in order to develop greater efficiencies and attract new clients.

    "Acquisition opportunities (particularly in the accounting space) are expected to continue to present themselves, driven by our group's unique advantages as part of a listed company, as well as the realities of the industry's demographics.

    "Importantly, for our accounting-based member firms, the core client base is the SME sector, ensuring they are essentially plugged into the engine room of our economy."

    Copyright 2011 RWEABN

    courtesy of Bell Direct



  19. 82.9k

    21 June 2022
    CountPlus Limited (ASX: CUP) has announced that subsidiary firm CountPlus One
    Pty Ltd (CountPlus One) has acquired the business of CDC Partners Pty Ltd (CDC), a
    Sydney-based firm that has provided accounting services since 1987.
    CDC generated recurring revenues of $500,000 in 2021.
    As part of the transaction, Gregory Diment, founder of CDC, is expected to remain
    with the business for a period of twelve months to assist with the transition.
    Consideration for the purchase is $600,000 plus an upside payment if revenues
    exceed certain targets. A maximum purchase consideration of $800,000 has been
    agreed. 70% of the consideration will be paid upfront, with the remainder over 24
    months post completion subject to revenue contribution from the client book.
    Growth Strategy
    Laurent Toussaint, Interim Chief Executive Officer at CountPlus, says the transaction
    will create benefits for CountPlus One, as well as CDC’s employees and clients.
    “CountPlus One is a large practice with a strong culture and significant experience
    within its leadership team. This is a positive outcome for the existing team at CDC
    and their client base who will benefit from CountPlus One’s proven track record of
    high-quality accounting and advice solutions,” Mr Toussaint said.
    Authorised for release to ASX by Ray Kellerman, Independent Non-Executive Chair.

    courtesy of Bell Direct



    i hold CUP ( i have been accumulating over the years since CBA exited this )

    hasn't performed as well as the early days , but keeps on trying to grow

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