1. 83.9k

    Decmil Group Limited (“Decmil”) is pleased to announce that it has agreed a full and final settlement of
    its dispute with Southern Cross Electrical Engineering Limited (ASX: SXE) regarding the subcontract
    between them for works at Rio Tinto’s Amrun mine project in Queensland. The settlement is in line with
    Decmil’s accounting position and the ongoing arbitration proceedings concerning this dispute will be
    terminated. The remaining terms of the settlement are strictly confidential and Decmil does not intend
    to make further comment on the matter.
    This ASX release was authorised by the Decmil Group Limited Board.



    i hold both DCG and SXE

    but DCG might get a tiny positive nudge on this news ( and with my paper losses on DCG it needs all the help it can get )

    ( SXE is up 15 cents a share for me )

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