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    Alpha Testo BoostOne of the main reasons why a marriage ends in divorce is because couples do not ask themselves important questions before walking to the altar. If couples spend some time asking themselves the questions that really matter, they would greatly increase their chances of staying together. The good thing about a "question book" is that it makes it easy to ask those difficult questions and create the right environment to ask them. On the other hand, Webb has gathered the most comprehensive collection of questions, covering each of the topics you always wanted to know before exchanging your votes. It includes sensitive issues such as money, children and parenting, professions, past and present, relationships, religion, values, convictions and beliefs, personality, and even sex. But don't misunderstand me: while there are many serious and sensitive issues to discuss, there are also as many “light” topics as important topics, including car and driving, vacations, food and wellness, pets, and your favorite things. That is one of the things I really loved about this book. It covered all conceivable topics, from super serious to casual and fun, making it easier for couples to start with simple questions and make their way to the most important ones. In addition, a great advantage is to have the possibility of sending 3 to 5 of the questions to my email box every day, making everything automatic. I simply take care of my daily tasks and get new questions to ask my partner, without having to seriously think about it. In short, I cannot say anything really negative about this book, on the contrary I can only speak good things. It contains exactly what it says and covers every question you have ever wanted to ask your loved one. Building a happy and full life as a couple is a daily job that requires love, perseverance and patience.

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