Droneshield - unmanned aerial systems (UAS) detection technology firm

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    DRO sp has crossed above 50dma with decent buys going through @ 0.185c this morning.. [with strong support @ 0.17 - 0.175c]


    DYOR .. Cheers tela

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    DroneShield partners with M2K Technologies to bring revolutionary anti-drone systems to Indian market

    DroneShield Ltd DRO, a global leader in drone detection and mitigation, and M2K Technologies, part of M2K Group with business interests in Defence & Aviation, Biologicals, Real Estate and Entertainment, have entered into an Agreement to collaborate and distribute DroneShield solutions in the Indian market.

    Oleg Vornik, DroneShield’s CEO, commented, “M2K Technologies is a strong business partner in the Indian market, which has been seeing a rapid rise in the c-UAS requirements, being driven by non-State (such as criminal and terrorist) and State-based use of UAS, including escalation of the India-China border conflict along the Line of Actual Control (LAC).”

    Vikash Bhagchandka, President M2K commented, “We are pleased to partner with DroneShield for addressing the imminent threat emerging from rogue drones faced by forces and security agencies and provide solutions across industries to protect our borders, prisons, airports, petrochemical complexes and other critical infrastructures and VIPs. We are actively engaging in multiple procurement processes in India in the c-UAS space through our partnership.”

    DYOR .. Cheers tela

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    DroneShield DRO partnerships with M2K Technologies & Trakka systems for those interested in reading more about it per link below


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    DroneShield DRO forms significant partnerships with M2K Technologies & Trakka Systems respectively

    Indian market entry for DroneShield is a huge $$ opportunity so watch this space imo

    DRO market depth keeps building/looks much healthier to me so the potential to crack 0.20c+ imho


    DYOR .. Cheers tela

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    wow DRO massive 1.1M line wipe on open @ 0.19c !!!

    already taking chunks @ 0.195c :) :) :)

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    DRO +5.56% this morning as well :)

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    How drones have added a new dynamic to conflicts
    Drones have become the means of the first choice in modern warfare and are used by state and non-state actors.

    Unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, have become an integral part of international conflicts in recent years. However, the increase in use and a correlating enhancement of accessibility has added a new dynamic and volatility to modern warfare.

    Libya’s air war: Drones decisive in battle for Tripoli

    UAE gets American drones as China ramps up sales

    United States approves $600m sale of armed drones to Taiwan

    US pushes $2.9 billion armed drones sale to UAE: Sources

    The drone market has grown accordingly. In 2019, it was worth $10.53 billion. By 2027, the market is forecast to reach $23.78 billion, a figure hardly surprising given that about 30,000 military drones are already in use.

    “Several countries are investing massively in counter-drone capabilities, to cancel or at least significantly degrade such risks”.


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    US Department of Homeland Security Agreement !!!

    DroneShield DRO has entered into a new Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate (“DHS S&T”).The research will involve DroneShield’s multi-sensor Unmanned Aerial System (“UAS”) detection and mitigation capabilities, with the primary focus on DroneSentryTM and DroneSentry-C2TM solutions for fixed and semi-fixed site applications.

    DroneSentryTM is a modular system that integrates multiple sensors – radiofrequency (RF), radar, EO/IR camera, and acoustic for layered detection, classification, identification, and tracking of UAS. DroneSentryTM leverages DroneShield’s latestadvancements in Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) based RF detection, long-range sensing, and expanded multi-sensor data fusion capabilities.

    DroneSentry-C2TM provides end users with an interoperable common operating picture for the counter-UAS mission. DroneSentry-C2TM’s pairing of advanced sensor fusion with an intuitive enterprise level visual platform, enables users to easily deploya complete detection and threat assessment capability of unmanned systems for their critical infrastructure and base protection needs.

    Oleg Vornik, DroneShield’s CEO, commented, “We are excited to work closely with DHS S&T under this cooperative agreement to support end users throughout their agency and sub-agency partners. Our DroneSentry solution is at the forefront of fixed-sitecounter-UAS and partnerships like this one allow us to make further advancements that are most relevant to the end users and mission we serve.”

    In addition to its cooperative agreement with DHS, DroneShield recently announced DroneSentry-C2’s U.S. Military Standard (“MIL-STD”) compliant version of the software platform. DroneSentry also supported the recent U.S. Army Defense in Depth Exercise(“DiDEX”), along with DroneShield’s dismounted and mounted C-sUAS solutions.
    *refer to today's asx announcement for full agreement disclosure details in relation to above

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    DRO FY2020 Results Presentation released this evening.. overall quite impressive :)

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    Counter-drone technology company DroneShield DRO has just received a repeat order from a “high profile” government member of the Five Eyes alliance.

    DroneShield’s new Five Eyes contract is however worth approximately $1 million, a substantial increase from the initial trial purchase of approximately $500,000 made from the same customer last year. The transaction will be paid in full in the June quarter of this year.

    The Five Eyes alliance is an intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States, sharing information on security matters such as terrorism.

    DroneShield’s CEO, Oleg Vornik, said that the repeat order has validated the company’s superior product and technology.

    “This significantly larger follow-on order is a testament to both the industry leading capabilities of DroneShield products and an example of a common procurement pattern in our industry, where an initial order and evaluation might take some time, but once the solution has been validated and thoroughly vetted by the end user, larger follow-on orders result.”

    Vornik said the company will continue to work with the Five Alliance countries in order to build up its order book.

    Record sales
    DroneShield has been delivering revenue growth over the last five years. It started from a low base of $0.1 million in 2016, which has grown to $5.6 million in 2020. In the past year alone, revenue grew by 58 per cent.

    The December 2020 quarter was the company’s best ever, when it reported a record of $2.8 million in purchase orders.

    Over the last 12 months specifically, the company has gained significant momentum, signing contracts with multiple high profile clients.

    It was awarded contracts with major US government agencies, which includes a deal with the US Air Force in July 2020 for its DroneSentry systems. Last September, the company also received funding from the US Department of Defence for targeted development of its C2 system.

    In Europe, the company has also made impressive progress in the past year – winning multiple orders from three seperate European countries, deploying its DroneSentry system at the Altenrhein Airport in Switzerland, as well as completing a DroneSentinel trial for a mid-tier European airport.

    A $5.9 billion market
    The increasing use of drone products across recreational and commercial applications has generated an enormous industry which is expected to reach $60 billion by 2024.

    As security risk from drones increases, there is also an increasing market for counter-drone technology, which the company predicts to be worth $5.9 billion by 2026.

    High profile drone incidents around the world such as attacks on Saudi oil fields, and the assassination attempt on Venezuelan President Maduro in 2018, have recently made counter-drone technology an important part of a government’s arsenal.

    Against this backdrop, DroneShield has built up a pipeline of orders worth around $100 million from global customers.


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    $2.3M Middle Eastern MOD Payment Received!

    DroneShield Ltd DRO is pleased to announce it has received $2.3
    million of the remaining due payment on a previously completed order (refer to ASX announcement 30 March
    2020) to a Middle Eastern Ministry of Defence.

    The payment will be included in the total customer receipts in the Appendix 4C cash flow report for this 2Q21

    Oleg Vornik, DroneShield’s CEO, commented, “In addition to the material value of this cash receipt, it
    demonstrates several critical points.

    Firstly, it shows that DroneShield is able to successfully navigate doing business in one of the most
    challenging yet most lucrative regions globally for Western companies, in terms of successful management
    of stakeholders and achieving outcomes.

    Secondly, this is the completion of a repeat purchase by this end user, with the next contract expected to be
    a much larger amount, approximately $60–70 million, which is currently being discussed, and will be
    announced to the market once the contract has been mutually executed.

    Thirdly, this underscores the global leadership positioning of DroneShield products, and our best-in-breed
    performance, as confirmed by this customer who faces daily UAS threats on their home soil, like no other
    customer globally.”

    This announcement follows on multiple recent contract wins globally announced in recent weeks, including
    $1.1 million Five Eyes agency repeat order announced on 7 April, US Law Enforcement Order contract
    announced on 6 April, and multiple DroneSentry-XTM orders announced on 24 March 2021.

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    DRO going nuts perhaps big news coming!? flying @ 0.195c +11.43% :) on terrific volume/momentum etc.

    dyor as always

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    Reckon something's brewing this time around as just my gut feeling. Bring it on :)


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    DRO looking strong pre-market.. on watch for potential 0.20c+ breakout imo


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    DroneShield DRO wins $3.8M Defence Contract! :) :) :)

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