Scheme of Arrangement

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    Dear Sir/Madam
    On 21 September 2020, DWS Limited (ASX:DWS) (DWS or the Company) announced to the
    market that it had entered into a Scheme Implemenation Agreement (SIA) with HCL Australia
    Services Pty. Limited (HCL) under which it is proposed that HCL will acquire 100% of the
    shares in DWS by way of a Scheme of Arrangement (Scheme).
    Under the SIA, upon implementation of the Scheme, DWS shareholders who hold DWS shares
    on the Scheme record date (Scheme Participants), will receive in consideration for their
    shares a cash payment of A$1.20 per DWS share less the cash value of any Target Permitted
    Special Dividend1 as that term is defined in the SIA.
    The DWS Board has now determined that it will not declare or pay any Target Permitted
    Special Dividend and, accordingly, upon implementation of the Scheme, the consideration that
    Scheme Participants will receive for their shares is a fixed cash payment of A$1.20 per DWS

    courtesy of Bell Direct


    i hold DWS

    disappointing but at least i will crystallize a profit on this

    doubly disappointing as the CEO held 42% of the company and could have easily blocked this with or without my support

    Daniel Wallis 56,305,283 42.70%

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