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    The Data Exchange Network Limited (DXN) is an Australian unlisted public company, incorporated for the construction and sales of data centre modules and associated infrastructure to third-party data centre owners and other operators of data centre space. The Company also intends to develop and operate its own colocation data centres, with the initial two proposed colocation facilities to be in Sydney and Melbourne. The Company's product offerings are protected by a registered trademark and unregistered trade secret laws.

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    DXN is set to be a major player in the not to distant future, they are now cash flow positive ,and have tendered for numerous Data Centres throughout Australia .
    They have just completed the purchase of the Tasmanian Data Centre ,and will soon reap the income from this already established centre.

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    As predicted tracking North Nicely , I expect this to nit 4 Cents Next seek ,then continues to climb.
    Still excellent Valued.
    Why would people bother with Stocks like MNS ,AVQ,MAR, etc...
    Great gains Will soon be had by this mob.

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