ECS soups to be ranged in Woolworths

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    ECS Botanics Holdings Ltd (ASX: ECS or Company) is pleased to announce its distribution
    partner Just Foods Australia Pty Ltd (JFA) has secured distribution into Woolworths for ECS
    Botanics Mexican Spiced Bean Soup with Hemp and Indian Masala Lentil Soup with Hemp.

    Total revenue to be generated from the distribution of the soups
    to Woolworths is uncertain at this time. ECS will provide further
    information regarding timing and order quantities as it becomes
    available. Further manufacturing runs will be required to meet
    anticipated first order and subsequent order volumes.
    The ECS soup products are positioned for people seeking a
    convenient, great tasting and healthy meal option. They consist of
    high quality and majority plant-based ingredients, developed by an
    experienced team of chefs and nutritionists.
    The addition of these product lines into Woolworths complements
    the announcement in November last year regarding the
    introduction of ECS’ Hemp Seed Oil to their range.
    Woolworths is Australia’s largest supermarket chain with 995
    stores across Australia and 115,000 employees, with a focus on
    working closely with Australian growers and farmers to deliver
    quality products to Australian consumers.
    Alex Keach, Managing Director of ECS, commented:
    “Our Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) soups are unique in
    the market place and this latest deal is testament to the products
    branding and positioning towards a growing retail segment. The deal also signifies the
    immense capability of Just Foods Australia, underpinned by the close working relationship we
    share. We have built a team of people with complementary skill sets, shared passion and
    beliefs. While the success we’ve achieved in the short term is pleasing, mostimportantly we
    are setting the foundation and capability to leverage the first mover opportunity in an exciting,
    high growth and evolving industry.”
    About Just Foods Australia (JFA)
    JFA is a brand and distributor of products in health, pharmacy, hardware and grocery channels
    throughout Australia. JFA is aligned with Intertrading Pty Ltd, a division of The Gateway
    Group, which offers the direct sales to store personnel as well as merchandising support and
    the scale of their supply chain, logistics and financing capabilities. CEO Denis Myhalchyshyn
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    ASX Announcement
    has been responsible for managing an extensive portfolio of brands such as Pepsi, Cadbury’s,
    Oates and Ansell.
    About ECS Botanics
    ECS Botanics is an agribusiness and hemp food company, cultivating (own and contract growers)
    and processing hemp for the wholesale market and its own retail food brand. The company’s
    main operations are conducted in Tasmania, Australia. ECS has the necessary licences to
    cultivate, supply and manufacture industrial hemp in Tasmania as well as a grower licence in
    Queensland. ECS holds import and export licences with the Office of Drug Control (ODC) as well
    as having been granted licences for the cultivation and manufacture of medicinal cannabis. ECS
    owns a farm in Tasmania for commercial cultivation of hemp, research and as the proposed site
    of a medicinal cannabis facility. ECS owns a strategic stake in TapAgrico for the logistics, drying
    and storage of hemp seed.

    courtesy of Bell Direct


    ( DYOR )

    i do not hold this share , but do hold a big ( for me ) chunk of WOW ( 'free-carried ' )

    priceless .. WOW is divesting the liquor arm to enhance it's reputation ( and gloss up the balance sheet ) and now stocking drug-laced soups

    and folks wonder why i want to slash my WOW holding

    but good for you ECS holders hope WOW management don't suck you dry like they did to GRB

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