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    Govt assures support to green steel production

    PTI | Nov 24, 2017, 14:22 IST


    New Delhi, Nov 24 () Steel Minister Chaudhary Birender Singh today assured all possible support to secondary steel sector, which uses eco-friendly electric furnace to produce the commodity.

    Electric arc furnace route emits less Co2 and cost of production is also reduced compared to the blast furnace route.

    The minister was speaking at 'All India Induction Furnaces Association Conference (AIIFA) on Strengthening Green Green Steel Production' here.

    AIIFA Secretary General Kamal Agarwal enumerated the problems being faced by the sector including lack of financial support from banks, varying power tariffs in states, and non acceptance of the products by government bodies such as NHAI, CPWD, Railways.

    Besides, there is shortage of scrap which is required for making steel through electric furnace route. Duty on import of scrap is another issue.

    Responding to this, Singh said his ministry will take steps to address all issues of the sector which has the potential to create employment for 3 crore people.

    "There are certain points which need attention of our ministry and also we can take some with other ministries."

    He also urged the industry to work on technology."We are way behind in technology. You will have to think out of the box. The ministry has also announced a competition to encourage innovative ideas."

    The minister said he sees potential in the industry in terms of production and job creation and therefore he will provide all support to it.


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    The above is 100% meaningless until someone actually spends the years and $'s to prove that Matmor can work above the tiny scale it has currently been tested at........

    If you read ECT's announcements you will see they are still trying to get the Coldry pellet to a consistent grade that can be offered as a sellable product.

    A looooooong way to gooooooooo.........

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    The Demonstration plant is to prove that it works, before scaling up to commercial.

    The data through the TEF study shows it works.

    Business as Usual isn't going to move the needle. "We are way behind in technology. You will have to think out of the box".

    DD Report in the hands of the Indians as we speak. Presentation by 5/12

    Time to Disrupt

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    For those not in the loop........

    2016, A Tripartite Agreement between NLC, NMDC, and ECT.

    As a part of its R&D activities in developing value-added products from lignite, NLC joins hand with the NMDC and the Environmental Clean Technology Ltd (ECT) of Australia for conducting a “Feasibility study on setting up a Small Pilot Scale

    R&D Integrated Plant at Neyveli for Coldry-Matmor process to attain a value-added product using lignite and iron ore.”

    In a brief function, the MoU between the ECT and NLC was signed by Shri Ashley Moore, MD, ECT, and Shri P.Selva

    Kumar, Director (Planning & Projects), NLC, in the presence of Shri Sarat Kumar Acharya, CMD, NLC, and Shri Glenn

    Fozard, CMD, ECT, on January 19, 2016 at Neyveli.

    In his address , Shri Acharya said that as the process would be suitable for purifying the low grade iron ore into a high grade

    ore by using the easily available lignite, the exchange of technical know-how between India and Australia would not only benefit the companies and the countries but also the humanity

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    wake up old mate - it's never going to happen.

    the never ending talk on the chozzer of the 'demo plant' is just a P&D carrot. the EXACT same baloney has been spruiked since 2009!

    which is fine if there's a bigger fool who falls for it that you can sell to at a profit.

    but there ain't. the big moves now are all dumps, not buys.

    ECT is nothing more than a group of stale bull shareholders, dubious financial engineering and a preposterous $50 million MC.

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    All this fuss is about a "Small Pilot Scale" research and development project?????????


    Surely it is bordering on deception to continually mention global rollouts at this extremely early stage for techs unproven at scale and struggling to produce sellable product after a decade of pilot trials......??????

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    July 2016
    Techno Economic Feasibility Study Completed.

    Shareholder Update – TEF Study
    Date: July 29, 2016
    Environmental Clean Technologies Limited (ASX: ESI) (ECT or Company) is pleased to provide the following update to shareholders on its activities in India.

    Key Points

    Capital costs for Matmor-Coldry plant 38-44% cheaper than alternatives
    Consensus of partners to proceed to next stage of the project
    Detailed design phase to start immediately
    On 1 July 2016 the Company advised shareholders via the ASX that its Techno-Economic Feasibility (TEF) Study for its proposed India R&D project had been completed on time and a summary provided to Indian project partners, NLC and NMDC.

    In that announcement the Company flagged its intention to schedule a meeting with key NLC and NMDC decision makers to table and present the full report.

    Earlier this week, ECT Managing Director, Ashley Moore and Chairman, Glenn Fozard met with senior directors of NLC and NMDC in Hyderabad, India to present and table the full TEF report.

    The Company is pleased to report that the initial feedback from NLC and NMDC is extremely enthusiastic and supports timely progress through the milestones foreshadowed in the Tripartite Agreement announced on 27 January 2016.

    The Tripartite Agreement anticipates the development and joint financing of an integrated Coldry demonstration plant and Matmor pilot plant. The key milestone within the Tripartite Agreement is the preparation of the TEF to consider the technical and economic performance of a proposed commercial scale integrated plant with direct comparison to traditional steel production technologies. This study, led by engineering firm MN Dastur, developed and assessed capital and operating cost estimates for the Coldry-Matmor plant. Those results then underpin the business case to proceed forward with the development the Matmor Pilot/Coldry Demonstration project.

    The key takeaways from the TEF include the following:

    Significant capital savings versus incumbent integrated steel making processes (38-44% savings for Coldry + Matmor + Electric Arc furnace vs. alternative pathways)
    Superior net cash flows (103% to 159% in the range of scenarios reviewed)
    Investment grade Internal Rate of Return (IRR) despite cyclically low steel pricing, >17% in the base case, and higher in other scenarios investigated
    ECT Managing Director, Ashley Moore commented “These compelling outcomes from the TEF clearly demonstrate the significant commercial potential and justify the investment at R&D scale.

    “Subject to successful demonstration and pilot scale validation, we’re confident the Coldry-Matmor solutions will deliver enhanced economic, energy, resource and environmental security outcomes to our partners.”

    “Matmor is a genuinely disruptive technology and one that will support India’s improved competitive advantage in the global steel sector. Currently India is suffering from the influx of more competitive steel from China, South Korea and Turkey, which is hampering their ability to improve the efficiency of their industry. Quantum leaps in improvement through technology adoption are really the only way India can achieve a competitive advantage and position their steel industry to support strong economic growth into the future.”

    The Company will provide a summary public version of the TEF in coming days.

    Next Steps

    The Tripartite Agreement anticipates the joint funding of the project. The capital cost for the project is currently estimated as being between Rs.120 – Rs.150 crore.

    The parties have agreed to move diligently through the next steps, including the drafting, negotiation and execution of the commercial agreements and the detailed supporting contracts required to finalise the funding, project execution and ownership structures. It is the aim of the parties that the key agreement for this will be completed and signed by October 2016, although key details and timetables will be developed in advance of that deadline, and may be released where that does not breach confidentiality obligations or impinge upon negotiations in progress.

    Discussions in relation to the split and timing of funding contributions from the parties are in progress with NLC and NMDC targeting completion alongside the key agreement by October 2016.

    In support of locking down the funding quantum for the project to the level required for release of public monies to the project by NLC and NMDC, the Company will immediately commence the detailed design starting with specialist engineering on the Matmor test plant in Australia. Detailed design will ultimately allow for the freezing of capital costs to bring the project to financial close.

    Ashley Moore commented, “The pace with which this project has proceeded since the signing of Tripartite Agreement in January, and the enthusiasm that each of the partners has shown for the continued progress of the project allows us to maintain our target start date for the project during 2016, with site selection and preparation as a precursor to construction of the plant.”

    The Company will continue to provide progress updates as activities advance.

    About NLC

    NSE: NEYVELILIG Mkt Cap Rs.130Bn (29 July 2016)

    Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC) is a Government of India owned enterprise that controls more than 70% of India’s lignite and will provide the host site for the Project. NLC will be responsible for the supply of the raw lignite, site allocation with the provision of waste energy, electricity and arranging required project approvals. It is envisaged that NLC will provide funding for the construction of the Demonstration Plant.

    About NMDC

    NSE: NMDC Mkt Cap Rs.406Bn (29 July 2016)

    Incorporated in 1958, NMDC is under the administrative control of the Ministry of Steel. Since inception NMDC has been involved in the exploration of wide range of minerals including iron ore, copper, rock phosphate, limestone, dolomite, gypsum, bentonite, magnesite, diamond, tin, tungsten, graphite, beach sands, etc. NMDC is India’s single largest iron ore producer, presently producing about 30 million tonnes of iron ore from 3 fully mechanized mines in Chhattisgarh State and Karnataka State. NMDC will be responsible for the supply of the iron ore and support of required project approvals. It is envisaged that NMDC will provide funding for the construction of the Demonstration Plant.

    About MN Dastur (Matmor Engineering Consultant)

    *Capital costs for Matmor-Coldry plant 38-44% cheaper than alternatives
    *Significant capital savings versus incumbent integrated steel making processes (38-44% savings for Coldry + Matmor + Electric Arc furnace vs. alternative pathways)
    *Superior net cash flows (103% to 159% in the range of scenarios reviewed)
    *Investment grade Internal Rate of Return (IRR) despite cyclically low steel pricing, >17% in the base case, and higher in other scenarios investigated

    ECT Managing Director, Ashley Moore commented “These compelling outcomes from the TEF clearly demonstrate the significant commercial potential and justify the investment at R&D scale.

    - TEF meeting
    Left to right: Mr Glenn Fozard, Chairman, ECT; Mr Ashley Moore, Managing Director, ECT; Mr N. K. Nanda, Director (Technical), NMDC; Mr P Selvakumar, Director (Planning & Projects), NLC; Mr DS Ahluwalia, Director (Finance), NMDC; Mr Rajan Kumar, General Manager (Research and Development), NMDC

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    Yes nice one Tesla. I seem to remember reading that one back in mid 2016.......

    Yet they are still struggling to get the basic coldry pellet up to standard and sellable to small boilers in regional Vic.

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    Boiler trials completed
    The Company previously announced (21 July 2017) research and development (R&D) trial activities with a large consumer of solid fuel in southwestern Victoria as part of its broader Coldry commercialisation strategy. This activity, pursued with AKD Softwoods in Colac, is now complete, having delivered valuable outcomes.
    Over this last 12 months, the Company has set its strategy, which comprises three targeted programs aimed at testing our alternative solid fuel, produced using our Coldry technology, under commercial conditions. These programs include:
    * 800-tonne boiler trial – AKD Softwoods, Colac
    * Drying simulation trial program – ECT Bacchus Marsh
    * 3000-tonne continuous production trial program – strategic partner collaboration

    Notwithstanding the R&D nature of this project, the Company generated $162,000 in revenues from the project.

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    Thanks for posting this old shit verbatim.

  11. 2.5k

    Old shit??? Only 4 weeks ago Satin...

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    "" phase 2 of the program which is focused on the development of improved pellet conditioning and drying methodology to further refine the process ""

    Need to get pellet right first.

    Extruder manufacturer highlighted problems with pellets. If moisture of feed coal varies a couple of %, pellets basically useless.

    That's just for Coldry.

    Imagine the difficulty when adding ingredients to create a Matmor pellet?

    Nightmare stuff......

  13. 897

    It's all a rehashing of stuff, look at these idiots, this was the first date of touting sales of pellets.

    http://www.ectltd.com.au/ect-achieves-first-local-coldry-sale/ - February 9, 2011

    The way they talk about it it's like it's a done an dusted product that they only need to find a buyer for that the world is ignoring because the world is so ignorant. The reality is they've now had six years of doing the exact same thing over and over and made a mess each and every time. They're even trying it on the same industries, why is the uptake nil?

    "Situated in Maryborough, central Victoria, BAIC are in the business of processing and drying animal blood sourced from abattoirs to produce dry protein meal."

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  15. 443

    Stop posting selfies spider75

  16. 2.6k

    Nothin to stress about AG... You guys are getting ahead of yourselves.

    Has nothing to do with the extrusion process.

    They are making some amendments to the plant, then bed down the operational profile. Once they have a steady-state operating profile, they will then simulate the drying conditions expected at the site, to inform the design of the large-scale Coldry demonstration plant here in Vic.

    Once this is complete, commence the 3000T trial

    All good, following a methodical engineering process. You guys don't have an engineering background obviously.

    Now, let's get back to India,,where were we, the results of the TEF up next

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    $50m MC for an out of date coal tech company?

    How the fark do trapped holders get out alive from here?

  18. 2.6k

    just cos your trapped in mnm - gold dust co - at a 90% loss

  19. 3.8k

    """" Nothin to stress about AG... You guys are getting ahead of yourselves. """"


    I'm highlighting the fact that the pellet still needs to be tweaked. (as announced)

    The Co and most the BOBs are talking secret deals and global rollout.

    But I'm getting ahead of myself.......

    Bahahahaha bahahahaha

  20. 2.6k

    Process tweaking..

    That's what you do in a tech dev Co

    And guess what, once the Demonstration plant gets built, what do you do with it?

    More tweaking.

    Unless you want to sit on your hands and go no where
    ....this baby clearly aint for you

  21. 3.8k

    Does a decade of ongoing tweaking and still no real customer or sellable product sound like your average development path?

    Demonstration plant? Yes of course if it ever gets that far it will likely need years of tweaking....... My point exactly.

    But global rollout is is just around the corner right???

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