1. 3.8k

    The disclaimer at the start of the preso says it all.....

  2. 2.5k

    Environmental Clean Technologies Limited (ASX: ECT) (ECT or Company) is pleased to provide the following update

  3. 2.5k

    Kranky 💥
    “For the umpteenth time I am not Cigary”

    Did I say Cigary???..... Busted!!!

    .... and Kevin is not Hardo / placebo69

    Tooooo Funnnnnnny 💥💥💥

  4. 2.5k

    You’ve lost the lot. You just don’t know it yet.

  5. 2.5k

    How about AUL Kevin???

    All times low after JORC announcement ???????

    You’ve lost the lot ....IMO

  6. 2.1k

    "Buy High, Sell Low"
    You have always claimed that was what Cigary posted and you have tried to link Cigary to me in the past and doing it again...

    ...I have a very long memory bud...

    ...you like Tosser need to try harder to catch me out little fella.

    Why? Cause I am just one smarter cat than the two of you combined any day!

  7. 2.5k
  8. 2.5k

    Just read the preso for the latest tech to be ‘commercialised’ before ‘global rollout’.

    Felt like I’d heard it all before for some reason...


  9. 34

    It claims that the industry is way behind on technology and that is clear to see. Therefore, overlooking this could mean that the industry misses out on the correct solutions such as the likes of O-rings or theexpertise of a company like NESwhich has a large amount of respect in working with a range of industries.

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