1. 3.8k

    Keith redundant?

    Surely not without an announcement?

    Without the Keith miracle man carrot ECT has nothing 😮

  2. 2.5k

    ECT has had nothing for 10 years.

    Support price of $0.00 = fair value.

  3. 2.6k
  4. 2.6k

    Stay Indoors Hards....your susceptible

    Like AUL

  5. 2.5k

    Nothing fake about this little fella.

    AUL is the next BIG. Do some research and enjoy the ride.

  6. 2.6k

    You been seen washing your car

  7. 2.5k

    Better than being seen charging $20 a time in a public toilet I guess.

    When’s the next scheduled shed fire at BM?

  8. 897

    Must be due soon. The dollars from the last coldry conflagration must have filled a few lattes by now. Judging by all the shitshow holders I don't the ELF can be refilled to keep the air con blowing down on Punt Road. This is Spider, SP3, LOWIQ, Profuckix and all your multinicks looking at your ECT profits. Is that Daryl's couch in the background Tosser?

  9. 3.8k

    New hydrogen fund carrot announcement imminent...............

  10. 2.6k

    New $300m hydrogen fund to boost viability....

    Be nice if they can get a slice

  11. 98

    Where’s he ELF these days?


  12. 3.8k

    Is Keithee working on the Hydrogen, or has he distanced himself from the shite show....?

  13. 3.8k

    So a poster on the chopski reckons Keithee has moved on and is working for someone else.......

    But wasn’t he the backbone of all the pie in the sky visions of ECT being able to out science the rest of the globe with their miracle technologies that created zero emissions from dirty brown coal.......😮

  14. 3.8k

    See news release below regarding the HESC Hydrogen project.....

    “” Latrobe Valley

    Good progress has been made on all the key structural works including fire, water and a range of major equipment packages.

    These packages include coal hoppers, chutes, crushing and drying equipment, gasification vessels and associated equipment, gas refining plant, H2 Compression plant, cooling water plant, steam plant, compressed air plant, and CO2, N2,& O2 utility packages. The power supply and switchroom also have been installed. The focus of construction work is now on electrical and instrumentation installation along with some interconnecting pipe work and equipment insulation. “”

    Does anyone really think ECT have any relevance to this project....?

  15. 3.8k

    Clever way to offload 100mil.....

    By a couple at .002 and create some hype

    Let the .001’s build

    Then get rid of 100mill worthless confetti to the dreamers.....

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