F'ed and thats all there is to it!

  1. 1.8k

    Put Cottee on the Board and your Company fails and shareholders lose most of not all their investment...

  2. 1.8k

    EXR was three times the price of today after Cottee got involved and then like every other company he has been involved in the last 15 years....the share price collapsed!

  3. 1.8k

    If the coals which are shallow lack permeability then the coals deeper will have even less.
    It’s all over Red Rover for EXR!

  4. 1.8k

    More drill results will confirm this well known bit of geology and watch the share price collapse even further...

  5. 1.8k

    Now the MD of EXR won’t be gloating anymore that the great Richard Cottee joined the Board. It’s all over for Cottee at EXR and he leaves behind another burnt worthless shell of a company!

  6. 1.8k

    He was a guy who was once in the right place at the right time but after that, everything else he ever touched or was associated with in any way just failed...That is his Story and the dreadful consequences of those failures lost most investors all their monies...

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  7. 1.8k

    How does a guy like this with a track record of a 97.5% failure rate can even look himself in the mirror without thinking Worlds Biggest Failure?

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  8. 1.8k

    Cottee when talking to others will no longer consider himself associated with his latest failure...EXR!

  9. 1.8k

    He knows nothing about everything and is a deceptive con man who makes no sense when he talks as his mind is all F’ed up ....maybe his alcohol problem or just low IQ or perhaps both..

  10. 14.2k

    People that succeed once in life, are called one hit wonder.

  11. 2.5k

    Wonder if Cottee and his mates from Santos will want to privatise EXR, ..... like they tried with Central Petroleum.
    I think EXR share holders better watch out that their dreams don't evaporate, like Central's long term holders.

  12. 2.5k

    They are going ecstatically crazy over on hc, especially justinmetals with his 700,000 shares, planning their $1 party.
    Hopefully, they will realise their dreams, but you know what they say about something that seems too good to be true.
    EXR has reached 12c today, unbelievable, but then again, over in Mongolia, probably less red tape, lock the gate types, rules and regulations to hinder the company's development.

  13. 70.6k

    did you say Cottee AND Mongolia if so

    some are essentially illiterate

    i wonder who came badly unstuck in Mongolia


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