Get Ready for the Spin on their Failure

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    A trading halt to try to stem the huge slide about to occur and guess what? It’s still going to happen as it always does with Cottee on the Board...
    Wait for it...

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    Check out all the times CTP had a trading halt on drilling and see for yourself what happens...
    After the huge slide expect a 1:5 capital reconstruction...Then see how much further it slides and calculate your loss..

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    Another company crushed by Cottee to add to his list of failures. This guy just can’t even get a break by the law of physics!

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    Liar Liar pants on fire.

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    Your like a little kid truth. Are you sure you don't have mental health issues

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    From justin, other site;
    "RC is a gun. He is all about maximising value for share holders and at a superb clip. He’s a master communicator and strategic genius. always several moves in front. And, although he’s only chairman, I’m sure he’s at it 100% because he loves it! When your good at something you want to do it. Not because you have to or need to."

    What "maximising value for share holders", did he achieve for central petroleum share holders, during his ROT , (reign of terror), from about 50c down to 13c, from 2012 to present time.?

    Bloody disgusting what these over paid directors have done, at SH's expense.

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    ..... and ..... "I watched him at work at CTP between 2012 and 2018. It was a Masterclass."


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    Wankers the best way to sum up Cottey and Little Leon...

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    Are you sure your not the paddock flasher from Adelaide who terrorised women at bus stops?

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    27.5c atm.

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    PODCAST: Elixir Energy - the Mongolian explorer creating a whole new gas market
    ASX small cap set for big things

    Energy News Au · Australia's Elixir Energy - creating a whole new gas market
    Insight-strategy02 May 2021CommentsShare
    Paul Hunt
    Senior Journalist: Energy & Commodities

    Paul Hunt
    AUSTRALIAN headquartered Elixir Energy has quickly become one of the most exciting oil and gas stocks on the Australian Securities Exchange.

    Elixir Energy (ASX: EXR) is creating a whole new gas market in Mongolia which is home to vast coal reserves, and of course coal seam gas.

    The company, led by managing director Neil Young, holds around 7 million acres of highly prospective land in the Southern Gobi desert.

    It released its maiden resource estimate in April, based on just 2% of its acreage, dubbed Nom Gon XI, with 60 billion cubic feet of gas on a 2C basis, and 24 Bcf of recoverable gas.

    This estimate is more than sufficient to provide feed gas for a power plant's entire life cycle, offering electricity to the domestic market, but also opening opportunities for LNG provision to local mining companies and export to China.

    Gas is fast becoming the transition fuel of the future and it is also expected to replace Mongolia's ageing coal power plant fleet which are heading to the end of their lives.

    Furthermore, mining companies including Rio Tinto which operates the huge Oyu Tolgoi copper mine, are seeking power for their processing plants and to replace their diesel trucks with LNG fuelled vehicles.

    In this podcast, Energy News' senior journalist Paul Hunt talks to Elixir Energy managing director Neil Young about the future of the discovery, what an initial development could look like, and the current state of the energy market in China and Mongolia.

    Energy News has embarked on a new digital journey to reach new audiences and provide our subscribers with new engaging material. You can follow our podcast channel for iTunes here and our Soundcloud channel here.

    Read more about Elixir Energy here.

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