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  1. 6.9k

    There is a reason(s) why the directors of Extract wont release the latest drill results. Its because it would end up looking FAR TOO obvious there has been a behind the scenes deal done.

    From SS. (not my numbers although interesting)

    Areva sells 27.94% stake in Millennium mine for $150M which works out $10.5/lb. and our lustrous Jonathan Leslie and the board can't even get $5 - 6/lb. for Husab.

    They cant get $5 - 6/lb. for Husab because there is no need to. Most likely will be looked after 10 fold for bending over and taking it up the back passage.

  2. 6.9k

    Again, why have the Directors given away a monster resource?

    The writing is plastered on every wall.

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