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    To begin, I’d like to welcome you back from, what I hope was, an enjoyable and
    relaxing holiday with your family and friends, and to thank you for your ongoing
    loyalty and continued business in what turned out to be quite an eventful 2019.
    An Incredible Six Decades of Hansen!
    Looking back, it seems almost inconceivable that we are now entering our sixth
    decade of operations and third decade as a public company. Founded back in 1971
    as a small family operation offering remote data storage within Australia, we have
    grown to be a vast global company, offering software and services to the Utilities
    and Communications industries. In the process, we have helped many industry
    leaders within these sectors innovate quickly by creating and selling new products
    and services, while managing the critical revenue management and customer
    support processes that ultimately support millions of end-users globally. It’s been an
    incredible journey for me and for our many employees, customers and investors
    around the world.
    Here are just a few of the milestones that we achieved as we wrapped up the year:
     Over 1,500+ experts deployed globally to serve our customers
     36 offices spanning the globe
     600+ customers in over 90 countries
     Entering our sixth decade of operation
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     A five-year compound annual revenue growth rate of 21 percent
    With your confidence in Hansen Technologies, we have been able to continuously
    grow our company and create even greater strengths and expertise. On any given
    day, we have experts supporting customers in countries as diverse as
    Indonesia,India, Norway, Denmark, Australia, Brazil, Canada, the UK and the United
    States, to name a few. As we like to say, we are a company that is small enough to
    care and large enough to deliver. In this incredibly competitive technology space,
    Hansen’s expertise coupled with its personal approach to customer service will
    continue to deliver great outcomes for our customers and stakeholders.

    Welcome Sigma Systems...
    As you may be aware, 2019 was another eventful year of adding valuable assets to
    the Hansen suite of market offerings. Following close on the heels of our Enoro
    acquisition in late 2017, we acquired Sigma Systems in May of 2019, a software
    company providing expertise in creating, selling and delivering digital products and
    services to the communications industry. With the emergence of digital products in
    the utilities sector, we believe there is an emerging opportunity to expand the value
    of Sigma Systems and provide our utility customers with enhanced capabilities to
    sell new energy-related services, bundle services more effectively and meet the
    evolving demands of today’s utilities customers.
    With that said, as we finished off the year, we created our first new and exciting
    opportunity to take Sigma’s assets and provide enhanced capabilities to one of our
    major utility customers. As the utility industry continues to be challenged by the
    evolving need to address decarbonization, deregulation, distributed energy
    resources and digitalization of their businesses, our Sigma software assets provide
    complementary capabilities and effective gateways to help address those
    challenges. And the interest doesn’t stop there. We have several other global utility
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    customers evaluating the benefits of these newly acquired capabilities and how they
    can help enable a more digital and dynamic approach to their business.
    As we hit the ground running early in 2020, we will continue our steady assimilation
    of Sigma Systems into the Hansen Technologies family.

    Our Global Growth
    Our growth has been largely fueled by a very successful acquisition strategy,
    targeting assets that can impact our customers’ business in profound and
    meaningful ways. With over ten acquisitions in as many years, this type of pace is
    not for the faint-hearted, but I can say with great confidence that together, with our
    commitment and dedication, Hansen Technologies has always risen to the challenge
    and provided valuable assets for our customers to leverage. This growth has
    provided Hansen with a strong portfolio of products and a global diversification
    focused on the future.

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    Welcome Oslo and Wales
    In many other ways, we continue to grow, shift and augment our company for the
    reality of today’s business. With that, I welcome our newest office openings in Oslo
    and Wales. Additionally, our ongoing investment in expanding our development
    resources to meet market demands has resulted in our recently opened Vietnam
    center growing to a family of over 100 technical experts. With these new additions,
    we continue to expand our global presence (36 offices globally) and service our
    customers in the best and most convenient way possible.

    Two Industries, Two Divisions
    As the saying goes, change is the only constant in life.
    Our success moving forward will largely be predicated upon our ability to effectively
    service the two core industry verticals that we serve: Communications and Utilities.
    In response to that, we continue to change and evolve our organizational structure to
    best serve our customers and the challenges they face in growing their business and
    competing in the markets they serve.
    As a progressive move in that direction, we have initiated a new organizational
    structure centered around delivering a high degree of focus around these two
    industries. Long-serving Hansen executive Niv Fernando, who previously held the
    position of Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer, will move into the divisional CEO
    position leading our utilities business. Similarly, long serving Sigma Systems
    executive Simon Muderack, who previously held the position of Executive VicePresident and Chief Commercial Officer at Sigma, will now become the divisional
    CEO leading the Hansen communications business.
    With these new changes, we will provide the highest level of industry focus and
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    customer attention within these evolving and dynamic industries.

    The Last Word
    Lastly, I would like to personally thank our 600 valued customers for their ongoing
    business and confidence in Hansen Technologies, our employees for their
    outstanding commitment and professionalism and to our investors for their
    continuing support of our strategy and ongoing investment. Your choice to partner
    with us is a choice we take seriously, and we value every one of you.
    The software we provide is at the heart of each customer’s business. It lives within
    complex environments with a high degree of interaction and integration required. It
    isn’t always easy, but I guarantee you will not find another company with a deeper
    resolve to ensure the successful deployment and effective use of our software.
    With 2019 behind us, I wish you all the best for 2020 and a successful and
    prosperous year… together.
    Andrew Hansen,
    Global Chief Executive Officer

    courtesy of Bell Direct


    ( DYOR )

    i hold HSN ( 'free-carried ' ) ( bought in February 2013 @ 83c

    a boring bottom drawer stock ( for me )

    but it did inspire me to buy into GTK ( also 'free-carried ' ) which hasn't been a waste of time either .

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