1,335g/t Gold + 200g/t Gold - No CR Needed )

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    Hey IDC HoldersMt Kare is starting to unveil her riches!!!!Incredible Gold Grades in these Bonanza Zones, confirming what we have been talking about with Madison and Buffalos drilling from 10 years ago!Below is IndoCHines incredible Bonanza Gold Results, which are on top of what they have released in the past!1Metre @ 1,335 Grams Per Ton of Gold in Drill Hole 183SD12 (BZ Bonanza Gold Zone)1Metre @ 200 Grams Per Ton of Gold in Drill Hole 122SD11 (WRZ Bonanza Gold Zone)$3.5Million Cash at Bank so no need for a Capital Raising, Mr Promnitz states looking at different financing alternatives for the next stage of the project.Sit back load up if you have the spare cash because we are entering the Company Making Stage for IndoChine Mining as we head towards the BFS in 6-9 months! photo IDCQTRLY1-1_zpsba8c6726.png photo IDCQTRLY2_zpsb742502c.png photo IDCQTRLY3_zpsa3784805.png photo IDCQTRLY4-1_zps3cbebbc2.png photo IDCQTRLY5-1_zps5d4d7f41.png photo IDCQTRLY6_zpsb34cc94b.png photo IDCQTRLY7_zps42ede41a.png photo IDCQTRLY8_zps3317c23c.png photo IDCQTRLY9-1_zpse280de2d.png photo IDCQTRLY10-1_zps7b1fefe6.png

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    This is why I just keep on hanging in there.

    Sooner or later they are going to find a big one.

    Some of these grades are bloody marvelous, even if limited to just a few meters.

    Like the famouse A$100,000 cubic meter stuff.

    10 cubic meters = a million bucks.

    Other intersections are bloody marvelous.

    Its not surprising that the project is the subject of controversy.

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    I cannot believe these grades of gold!

    I can't wait to see the next drilling results from the WRZ!

    We've got the Gold Reserve and JORC Uprgade next month which includes the 2012 drilling and Bonanza ZOnes included!

    I can't wait for that!

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    Anyone know who picked up the 35,000,000 shares in IDC over Jan/March 2013?

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    Recent selling has decimated the share price. The Question is Why Who and what for?.

    IMHO we need the bonanza grades sooner rather than later.

    But I do not think this will happen in the next 6 weeks or so. Getting the samples to Australia for grading is not a quick event and people will need to understand that this is the nature of the beast.

    Just my opinion.



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    There is no reason why IDC's SP should be decimated.

    All announcements have been great.

    I found out today over the last 4 months some one out of Western Australia has been buying up IDC.

    They are getting close to a 5% holding.

    It's pretty obvious now that the 'sell down' is very cleverly timed, always falling on a positive announcement.

    We should be seeing the notice in the near future (presuming he will look to hold between 5% and 10%.

    The play may be aggregated by/with another party.

    This WILL be interesting.

    Currently 75% of the share script is held by 20 persons.

    If Mr WA wants to hold an extra 4.99% there will only be 20% issued capital remaining in retail hand.

    Retail shares dry up or evaporate.

    No sign that any Instos are letting go.

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    Well, I ditched my holding in IDC today.

    Apparently IDC is unwanted in the market at this time in spite of positive drilling results etc. I will be watching this one with the view to getting back in when it is back in favour.

    "Anyone know who picked up the 35,000,000 shares in IDC over Jan/March 2013?"........

    I would ask where does one come across this sort of information?... word on the street?

    Well if this were to be true, the average price the individual would have paid over Jan-March would have been around 10 cents which means they would be looking at about $1.7M loss if my maths is correct.

    Good luck to all that continue to hold, you're a braver man/woman than I am.

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    Since you asked, from a broker who has been on the case for about year after it became apparent that "the market" was behaving irrationally "in spite of positive drilling results".

    Identity is known.

    I would have thought more like $2,800,000 to $2,450,000 at an average of 8-7 cents a share.

    Could be less, its just that the acquasition has been ongoing for a year.

    What I am waiting for is whether we will see a 'significant share holder' notice issue.

    Or whether the longer term ambitions of these individuals contemplte no public notice being issued and they keep their respective interests below 5%.

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    Probably not "braver", some thing else.

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    To all the people abandoning ship in IDC,I really think you are being stampeded into

    abandoning your stakes in a potential supermine..As a retired geologist who spent my life in

    exploration,mainly Cu/Mo ,Base metal exploration.I have never seen drilling intercepts as good as what IDC is reporting.I have not ramped this stock ,and anybody who suggested

    I have will pay a heavy price.

    Look at the intercepts astounding . Ignore the doomsayers,they have a sinister agenda

    keep the faith.All good things go to those who wait.

    I have no connection to any other IDC share holder,and I will sue anybody who accuses me of ramping

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    Hi Longblack. Since you are a geologist. Are you able to work out and let us know approx how much gold has been added to the jorc by the results of the first bonanza zone?


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    This would be greatly appreciated long black if you could look in to this.

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    Hi Long Black

    Couple of quick questions around this comment

    "I have no connection to any other IDC share holder,and I will sue anybody who accuses me of ramping "

    I'm curious which persona will be doing the suing ?

    Will this be a virtual court of law?

    Do you go by Long Black in real life?

    Are you a renowned geologist named Long Black?

    Are you a related to IDC in anyway and listed so under the name Mr Long Black ?

    If you don't go by the name "Long Black " in real life .

    Can you answer the following for me please

    Have you identified your "True Identity on this forum? (sorry i may have missed this)

    Also do you think accusing your online "persona" of ramping would amount to defamation ?

    Do you think this accusation towards "Long Black" would by anyway effect your public reputation.

    Do you own the trademark for "Long Black"?

    Thank you


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    i found following on another forum. seems interesting. can anyone give better answers to following Q's

    My answers to your questions: Maybe you could answer some of mine!

    - IDC will increase there JORC in the near future

    A. Great. What difference will it make to the SP?

    -IDC will find other Bonanza zones and finish drilling out current ones

    A. Who knows? And what difference will it make to the SP?

    -IDC will finalise landowners agreement

    A. Appears so. But what difference will it make to the SP?

    -IDC have already built a 150 bed accommodation on the site

    A. Great but what difference has it made to the SP?

    -IDC still has Cambodia as blue sky

    A. Really. IDC floated on Cambodia but has done nothing with it to date. From recollection initial field samples, I can't recall any meaningful drilling having been undertaken, didn't impress anybody. Do you think Cambodia is a fall back position after PNG has sent them broke?

    -IDC could sign potential JV on either Mt Kare or Cambodia

    A. Possible but nothing reported in this regard. Do you have information on this happening?

    - Credit Suisse as been linked to funding

    A. Great. At what price to shareholders and how much?

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    I take exactly the same position as you in the context of your comments re IDC.

    Under the JORC what has been reported by IDC over the last 12 months is true and correct.

    The drill intercepts are remarkable and the companys conduct is unimpeachable, conservative and transparent in every respect.

    Non of the major shareholders, specialized investment houses, have sold one share of their holdings in IDC over the last 16 months.

    The abandonment of IDC by its retail investors over the last 12 weeks has been a test of faith for many including myself.

    The company and the mountain itself has consistently delivered the goods and the fantastic fundamentals of this project remain as reported and are unchanged.

    Mt Kare is geologically a remarkable project well deserving the enthusiasm and attention investors gave to it.

    Yet time and time again when these excellent results where delivered we saw, for some entirely baffling reason, the share price respond negatively.

    At first I thought that those negative movements were the product of the macro economic environment but now I realize that could not be the case.

    I am now absolutely disgust with the realization that in ll probability two individuals have so obviously attempted to unconscionably influence IDC retail share holders into abandoning their share holdings.

    From what I have witnessed IDC shareholders have been subject to psychological duress by guile filled individuals who, acting on a pre-contrived script, have consciously and persistently sown doubt in their minds on an entirely specious and unsupported basis.

    No need to name names here, that can wait for later.

    I have personally resisted this crap, not because I am a cliched blinkered true believer, but rather, I truly believe what I have read, what I understood, and what I see in the future of the Mt Kare Project.

    I have never seen drilling results with such remarkable constancy and compelling grades.

    I just cant wait to see the resource model (wire frame) and updated Resource and Reserve numbers.

    I dont care if eventually I am the last person standing viz a viz retail share holders and I lose all that i have invested in this company.

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    Let me add my comments to the current matter below, independently and without prejudice to any thing Longback might say on the topic.

    This is not a "virtual world" here at TopStocks.

    We use tag names out of convenience.

    We have real identities which in many cases are known to others who may read these pages.

    So, if some one defames (libels) another here evidence can be given to the court of that defamation.

    An allegation of market manipulation is also an allegation of serious criminal offense.

    As such it is actionable per se without proof of damage.

    Indeed, damage is assumed.

    A lot of people think they can hide behind a tag of anonymity with impunity.

    As such it is an aggravating feature of the tort which, in some cases, might encourage the court to accept that the act should be elevated from a tort into a criminal libel.

    If a malicious and false allegation is made and the subject of the allegation is identified (some thing the publisher of a libel needs to be aware of) then it does not matter if the identity of the publisher is initially hidden behind a tag name.

    So, here you go.

    1. I'm curious which persona will be doing the suing ?

    The action would be brought by the person who would be identified by the tag.

    2. Will this be a virtual court of law?

    There is no such thing, you probably know this to be the case. There is however a very real place called a Superior Court of Record. It can be a frightening and very expensive place for cowards. Specifically, it would be in any one of a number of Supreme Courts in Australia, or like jurisdictions internationally, depending on where the allegation was read and understood as relating to the victim.

    3. Do you go by Long Black in real life?

    For the above reasons this question is not germane to your inquiry.

    4. Are you a renowned geologist named Long Black?

    Longblack has never claimed to be a renown geologist.

    Tese are your words.

    He merely said that he is a retired geologist who has worked mainly on molly copper projects, and a bit more.

    5. Are you a related to IDC in anyway and listed so under the name Mr Long Black ?

    There are two questions here, both (with respect, inarticulate to the point where no fairly cogent answer can be given).

    5.1 re you related to IDC

    Assuming 5.1 can only be construed as a question going to some existent recognized legal relationship, with respect, you would have better asked, are you, or have you been, an employee of IDC.

    Clearly LongBlack is a share holder, and he has disclosed this.

    6. If you don't go by the name "Long Black " in real life can you answer the following for me please.

    6.1 Have you identified your "True Identity on this forum? (sorry i may have missed this).

    Clearly you are not aware of LongBlacks true identity at this time, nor am I so aware. But if I or any one else aksed LongBlack to disclose his name now, or at a point in time in the future, then I, and possibly you, and possibly the world, would know LongBlacks true identity, and, any existent written libel would from that moment onward, become actionable.

    6.2 Also do you think accusing your online "persona" of ramping would amount to defamation?

    Ramping is assumed to be a reference to market manipulation.

    In its strict construct it is determined by Federal Law to be a criminal offense.

    Accusing a person of having committed a criminal offense, or the possibility of such by innuendo, in public, where such an allegation is unfounded, provides no simple defense to an action in defamation, otherwise refer to the above.

    6.3 Do you think this accusation towards "Long Black" would by anyway effect your public reputation.

    Obviously the whole point of the action in defamation (slander or libel) is that people in a civilized society are entitled to walk down the street without some low life cowardly un-australian w**ker bad mouthing them so as to, or having as a consequence, injurey to their standing in the community.

    In LongBlacks case, given his long association with the industry, the particularly pernicious and cowardly nature of the allegation if untrue, would be extremely offensive and likely to injure.

    6.4 Do you own the trademark for "Long Black.

    The words Long Black do not in their own right permit a subject matter for a Trade Mark.

    A Trade Mark is exactly that, a unique symbol which is registered under the Trade Mark Law and Paris Convention on Intellectual Property.

    But whether Long Black owns a Trade Mark which uses the term or otherwise, an action in defamation, or malicious falsehood, relates to the natural person w ho is identified as the subject of thedefamation, irrespective of whether their name is directly used, as long as they are identified as the subject and recipient of the allegation, as the party to which the allegations is directed.

    The defamer takes his chances, he may be sued by a number of persons if his allegations reasonably identify more than one person who, i the context of the allegation, might be reasonably identified as the Long Black.






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    Hi Stevemol.

    Thanks for your enquiry,but to be quite honest I do not have the capacity to estimate how much more gold IDC will include in their updated report in June.From looking at drill assays reported for 2012 i am hopeful it will be substantial.As you can appreciate every meter drilled adds to the understanding of the complex geology,and constantly add to the reserves in the years to come.Sorry i can't be more specific

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    That's fine. Thought you might be able to have an approx of just the first Bon zone. Info being delayed in my opinion is not helping the sp. I'm sitting on the fence and might return if the sentiment towards idc changes.

  20. 71

    Thank you Inick

    I usually ignore ignorant posters.Some of them seem to think that because we are being positive in the long term ,that we are a small club of ICC shareholders banding together to talk up the stock .I don't think I have ever communicate with you before,but I recognise you as somebody who has worked in PNG,and in Geology up there,and I value your opinion.

    No doubt this will incite a flurry of replies accusing us of being in league.

    Idc intercepts are exceptional and ongoing. Nobody can deny this.I read on a daily basis companies around the world getting excited about 20 m @ 6.7 gpt,78m@ 1.9 gpt 12 m @4.3 gpt ad infinitum.

    Most of the naysayers on this forum know nothing ,they are the types you meet in clubs,junior football clubs,little athletics etc,stopwatch around the neck screaming at their children to achieve what they never did Bone crunching handshakes etc ,Self funded retirees

    and so on.All think they are are Alpha Males .Sad Bunch

  21. 1.8k


    Many thanks for articulating my very thoughts.

    I had a good laugh to be honest.

    You hit it right on the head.

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