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    A subsidiary of Intueri Education Group, the New Zealand School of Outdoor Studies Limited trading as the New Zealand School of Commercial Diver Training (NZSCDT), has pleaded guilty to one charge

    laid by Worksafe New Zealand under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992, in relation to a student fatality that occurred at NZSCDT in April 2014.

    Sentencing on the charge has been scheduled for 15 February 2016. As previously announced, Intueri has taken a provision in its accounts for likely penalties. Agreement was reached to drop the remaining

    four charges.

    Chief Executive of Intueri, Rob Facer, said: This was a very tragic event in which a young man lost his life. We take health and safety very seriously and have cooperated completely with Worksafe throughout their investigation.

    The safety of our staff and students is paramount. We are constantly reviewing our policies and procedures and continue to take steps to ensure we protect the safety of all our staff and students.

    courtesy of Bell Direct



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