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    19th May 2020 : On the 1st May 2020, the ASX directed that:
    “In accordance with Listing Rule 18.8(l), ASX directs ISX to engage an independent expert, acceptable
    to ASX, to review its policies and processes to comply with Listing Rule 3.1 and to release to the market
    the findings of, and any changes ISX proposes to make to its compliance policies and processes in
    response to, the review. The review should also assess each contract that ISX has entered into since 1
    January 2018 (other than the Key Contracts) to determine whether or not a reasonable person would
    have expected information about the contract to affect the price or value of ISX’s shares and, if so,
    whether ISX has disclosed the matters set out in section 4.15 of GN 8 in relation to that contract. To the
    extent it hasn’t, ISX will be expected to make corrective disclosure and, if it does not, ASX will give a
    further direction under Listing Rules 18.8(a) and (b) that ISX do so.”
    The Company has appointed Mr Michael Linehan, a Partner at Clayton Utz, to prepare the independent expert
    report regarding the Company’s continuous disclosure policy.
    Mr Linehan will be assisted by Mr Groves, who is also a Partner of the firm.
    Authorised by the Managing Director (John Karantzis) and Chair (Tim Hart) of iSignthis Ltd

    courtesy of Bell Direct

    the farce continues

  2. 10.9k

    I for one want ISX to delist and move ASAP. We should start a shareholder resolution to be put forward for ISX to delist and get as far away as they can from the ASX. This has now commenced.

    We are not moving and have not for 6+ months, it still will be another 4 months before we even get to start the case. There is no way the ASX will let ISX list, why should they as well it's their business and they aren't a regulator.

    ASIC obviously can't prove sweet f#%k all because if they could they would be saying something, but we have complete silence.

    GH has already sent in his resolution request demanding they relist before the end of the month or delist. He's got an amazing template ready, if you want a copy email

    This is from NashNasha on HC and yes anyone interested in signing and sending just email me at above email and will send it to you.
    We are getting some reasonable numbers

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