1. 624

    Keep counting your pennies Mucus. You want a quick 30% watch Magnis hit 10 cents within 2 weeks. Yeah I know. You’ll be doing exactly that. Watching. Then watch it hit 20 cents.

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  2. 6.6k

    $10.00 firming, plenty of trades there.

    Couldn't be happier ... just taking a few calls from LA though ............. I haven't got time to scramble your brain atm

  3. 624

    Poor Mucus. Needs to feel important and mention calls from LA. You sad fuckwit. Just say what most rich people would say. I’m just taking a few calls.

  4. 6.6k

    I can see that you're bitter & twisted ... have you heard that your posts have gone viral & are spreading around the other drilling crews & other mining companies like wildfire? You're the laughing stock of the industry ... the blokes are in disbelief that you're trashing your own stock's reputation.

    Have a great day kev

  5. 624

    Why are you such a dope Mucus. The posts about the drilling crew are from another poster. You’re fried Mucus because of all that electric shock therapy you got to stop you from craving those young kiddies..

  6. 838
  7. 6.6k

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    i just heard kev sh!t himself

  8. 624

    Mucus is that what you set up in the preschools. More shock therapy might get you right one day. You get more MNS?

  9. 838

    Long upper wick on the candle from todays trading signalling a top.

    $10 will see strong resistance.

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  10. 69.3k

    the news of the Target closures didn't provide enough momentum to push convincingly through $10

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  11. 838

    They are not closures, they are re-branding as Kmart?

  12. 69.3k

    some stores WILL close some will be re-branded obviously not the ones where both K-Mart and Target are in the same shopping mall

    will WES change some retired Target stores into a small format Office-works or another retail outlet of a WES subsidiary

    but as a WES holder this was always probable

    add in a virus shutdown and a current CEO conscious of cash preservation and this was very likely

    unless WES using the Target brand acquires someone like MYR i cannot see where Target can go in the mid term future

    Target Closing 167 Stores


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  13. 6.6k

    52 week high of $10.08 hit ... $10.07 is firming ... plenty of trades above $10.05 today

    buy the dips after you realise that posts like "$10 will see strong resistance" (above) is "posting in bad faith" (also above)

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  14. 838

    Posting ones technical analysis based on candles is not posting in bad faith, but suggesting it is once again is Marcus posting in bad faith. He cant help it.

  15. 838

    Some more technical analysis.

    This is the second attempt the clear this level if you look at the 5d chart, previously on the 22nd and again today. Failure to do so may mean it's a double top and may track down to support around the 7.5-8 level.

  16. 6.6k

    $9,793,049.28 worth of trades so far today, currently up 3.29%

    the tea leaf readers didn't see that one coming

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  17. 838

    4 days ago.

    "Will probably consolidate here."

    Nah didnt see it coming. Just stayed around this level +/- 3% since that post.

  18. 6.6k

    3 days ago

    # $10 will see strong resistance. # he said
    # take your profits " at $9.44 he said.

    just had a chuckle looking on your main thread's stock. What's happening there ... gravity?

  19. 838

    It is seeing strong resistance, you mentioned yourself the volume and it's only moved 4% from the retrace.

    Just broken resistance now.

    You cant compare the two stocks, one is valued 100x higher, both are in different industries. To do so is once again posting in bad faith.

  20. 838

    Anyone want a cuppa?

    I need some more tea leaves to read.

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