Share Purchase Plan

  1. 7.2k

    SPP to eligible share holders (holders on 9 June 2020) at $11.45 per share ... current price is $14.550

    Some brokers are recommending holders NOT participate as they give their fair value below $9.

    mmm ... given the relentless rise & the likelihood KGN will spend the money wisely, this might be worth a nibble.

    Payment must be received by 5:00pm Melbourne time, Friday, 3 July 2020 ... I think I might wait until closer to that date to make the decision.

    as per the SPP:

    2.1 As announced to ASX on 11 June 2020, Kogan successfully conducted a $100 million placement at an issue price of $11.45 per share (Placement). Further details are contained in the announcements released by Kogan to ASX.
    2.2 Eligible Australian and New Zealand shareholders are now invited to participate in the SPP. Kogan intends to raise approximately $15 million under the SPP (subject to Kogan’s discretion to increase this cap and accept oversubscriptions and/or scale back applications).
    2.3 Kogan intends to use the proceeds of this offer to provide the financial flexibility to act quickly on future value accretive opportunities.

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  2. 1.4k

    Pity you lost so much by selling too early Mucus.

    Bad light bulb moment dickhead.

  3. 428

    Mucus is an absolute vile scumbag NL.

    Give it to the prick

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  4. 892

    Gap in the chart at 11.4 and market thinks increased lock down sales of online office supplies, face masks and sanitiser will last forever.

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  5. 69.9k

    i think the market is wrong , but MAYBE a cashed up KGN can expand it's market share or product range , and keep increasing revenue

    has been doing well so far , but this is a chaotic market

    stay careful

  6. 7.2k

    There's a lot going for KGN, but ...

    CR means an extra 11% of shares ... that dilution doesn't look to be factored in by these noobs buying in at these prices

    Wesfarmers are funding - already one of Australia's largest online retailers, with nearly 400 staff & 45,000 sq m of warehouse space shipping over 10,000 orders per day. And there's Amazon

    Recession, higher unemployment and physical retail reopening in the near term will all hit the bottom line

    A lot will happen before 3 July 2020

    Matt & Chris, yeah my bad ... I was stopped out of KGN & locked in over $55,000 profit ... oops ... LOL
    Only fools trade without trailing stops, especially in this market, and with all the instos & analysts showing KGN as being significantly overvalued, KGN could fall sharply for a few reasons. Pity you didn't use risk assessment with your heavy investment in MNS.

  7. 69.9k

    put me down on the fool's list then

    i never use stops

    i hold KGN and WES

    i try not to buy dud companies in the first place , and rescue the investment cash fairly quickly if given the opportunity

    nice to see you did well

    but i bought into KGN for the long term at what i thought was a fair price

    will i buy more later ... that will depend on the company management decisions and share price at the time

    good luck

  8. 7.2k

    Up another 5% today ... setting a new world record of $15.55

    Volume 1,534,977
    Trades 9,679
    Value $23,335,512.860

    Commsec has it as a SELL, Morningstar has KGN Significantly Overvalued at a 76% Premium, Fair Price $8.40

    SPP price of $11.45 per share is looking real good.

    There's going to be tears

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  9. 69.9k

    hopefully no tears for me

    i bought in sub $5.55 rescued the invested cash

    i don't think i will see sub $6 again , but i could be wrong

    IMO over-valued to blazes .. but the current market has patches of crazy

  10. 7.2k

    Currently down 5% today to $13.990

    SPP price of $11.45 per share is still looking good for Friday ... but this will be a long week for Kogan.

    Had a laugh at this item that popped up on my social media feeds ...


    ADULT TWIST ON THE CLASSIC BOARD GAME: This adult board game is a hilarious adult twist on classic Monopoly gameplay

    WORK TOGETHER…OR NOT: This adult party edition of the Monopoly game has players moving around the board contributing to community projects…unless they can steal projects to get ahead

    WINNING IS FOR CAPITALISTS: Contribute to the Community Fund…unless you choose deplete it. Consider the best interest of the group…unless you want to forget that and just do what you need to do

    CHANCE CARDS: Working together might seem ideal, but Chance Cards can abruptly shake things up with things such as lousy neighbours, vegan meatloaf, and bad plumbing

    FUN ADULT PARTY GAME: Get ready for laughs as the twists and turns of life put a damper on working toward a shared, utopian society. Cooperation isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be In the Monopoly Socialism game players move around the board working together to make a better community by managing and contributing to projects such as a no-tip vegan restaurant, an all-winners school, or a museum of co-creation. But nobody said that cooperation is easy!

    Drawing a Chance card presents the flip side of striving for the perfect utopian society. You’ll have issues with your neighbours, your DIY community projects go awry, you’re constantly voting to shake things up, and there’s always an emergency that requires dipping into the Community Fund! Contribute all 10 of your chips to win the game, unless the Community Fund runs out of money and everyone loses. So much for a socialist utopia.

    The Hasbro, Hasbro Gaming, Parker Brothers, and Monopoly names and logos, the distinctive design of the gameboard, the four corner squares, the Mr. Monopoly name and character, as well as each of the distinctive elements of the board and playing pieces are trademarks of Hasbro for its property trading game and game equipment.

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  11. 892

    Things just turned very dark on the spec end.

    I hope everyone has pulled their lines in, it's going to get choppy.

  12. 7.2k

    oh yeah ... as of last week I literally have 50 shares, just to keep skin in the game

    scroll up to see ... Marcus2000 10 days ago "fair value below $9"

    All the analysts have been saying for more than a week ... Moderate SELL

    Repeating ... There's going to be tears

    Kogan has to build customer base ... where these new acquisitions will be is crucial. They have the metrics, they've pulled out of Kogan UK, etc ... they know where the best margins are.

    Insurance, cars, mobiles ... bottom line is Kogan is an internet marketing company catering to 25 million people.

    The world is their oyster, but competition is fierce.

    this will be a long week for Kogan ... lets see on friday whether the SPP is a goer

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  13. 69.9k

    wow ,

    i have a holding in a company bigger than M2K that might be first

    good luck everyone

    take care

  14. 7.2k

    Reminder Payment must be received today by 5:00pm Melbourne time, Friday, 3 July 2020 ... $11.45 per share

    KGN hit a new high today of ... $16.05

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  15. 1.4k

    Pity you are only holding 50 shares dip shit. What a fucking moron.

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  16. 7.2k

    Not only do I have just 50 shares, but they were allocated during the Reinvestment Plan on the 3000 shares I owned on 10th March.

    Those 50 shares were valued at $3.80 each in March, today they're worth $16.18 on the exchange

    Eligibility to participate in this current Share Purchase Plan was determined on 9 June 2020, when I owned 3800 KGN - even so, the number of shares owned on the 9th June doesn't limit the amount you can buy through the SPP today.

    I just Bpaid for $30,000 ... not sure how many we'll get, I'd say the SPP will be way over subscribed considering they're $11.45 per share in the SPP and $16.18 on the exchange.

    You are really not very good at this are you, little pissant?

  17. 1.4k

    Play money Mucus.

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  18. 7.2k

    don't give up your day job, pissant

  19. 1.4k

    least he has a job cunt...

  20. 7.2k

    g'day Boer Boy ... are you on Job Keeper too? MNS Top 20 are all on.

    btw I'm semi-retired, just come in to see how the shares are doing in this volatile market.

    Good to see there's still easy money to be made on the market ... Rule #1 avoid the dodgy speculatives like MNS

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  21. 300

    What happened to the MNS page?!?

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