Share Purchase Plan

  1. 15

    Ye won't be seeing no more on any page.

    Those scurvy knaves have all walked the plank.

    It's in Davy Jones locker they be now, me hearties.

    MaxAction be havin' the last laugh after all.

  2. 334


    Anyone else?

  3. 114

    Our mate sold all his shares for an average of $12. Well done buddy.

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  4. 70.4k

    i avoided the share purchase plan

    i bought some KGN in January 2020 , sold off enough to recover the investment cash in May 2020

    that is as close to real trading as i get

    sure i could have done better , but no sour grapes here on KGN

    if KGN can stay in business for another three or more years i will have done nicely

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